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  1. Hi Guys, does anyone knows how many of this limited edition J45's are made? custom, granadillo, bilwara, vintage,... Someone told me once it was between 50 and 150 from each model. Is it so? Thnks!
  2. Hi Guys, does anyone has some info about Bilwara Rosewood? I'm thinking on buying a j45 Bilwara from the Custom Shop, but know not much about it. Acoustic properties, how many where made, how does it compare she to the Standard mahogany, etc Thnks!
  3. Thank you all and sorry about the late reply... to much work lately. I still haven't bought the guitar. The told me the would get a J45 Standard in less than a month for me to try it. BUT, last time a went to the store (about 2 weeks ago) I tried the Bilwara one again and it was amazing. Years light apart from the last time I played it. The told me the adjust the action and change the strings to Elixir. I'm still going to wait until the Standard arrives, I've had so many good comments about that particular model on this forum that I just need to try it. In the meantime i'm reading everything
  4. Thank you all for the replys and info And muchas gracias for the welcome "fortyearspickn"!) I'm still struggling with the decision but i'm between the Bilwara (rosewood) and the standard (i'll have to order that one and wait at least 40 days). I've read many comparisons between the J45 and the songwriter and it appears that the j45 suits my needs better. Sadly i can't play it and figure it out by myself. As many of you have posted, the cutaway model doesn't makes much sense aesthetically (like a non-cutaway Les Paul) and i suppose it can also affect the sound. I play mostly fingerstyle,
  5. I meant to say: I currently life in a place where I CAN'T really find much options (I moved from Switzerland to Peru 3 years ago)
  6. Hi People, i'm new here and I know you have probably discussed this subject before. I'm thinking about buying a new guitar to "upgrade" the arsenal, plus I'm looking for something more warm and bluesy. I currently life in a place where I can really find much options (I moved from Switzerland to Peru 3 years ago) Luckily I found a really good option, Gibson J-45. I've played 2 of them: Bilwara (which seems to be some kind of rosewood, much what Martin calls Sisso) and a standard cutaway J-45. I'm not a cutaway acoustic kind of guy, but I liked the "beautiful dryness" of the standard. But I
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