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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. This guitar was a real value piece for the last two generations. And I also dont understand why they did it. These guys are in trouble obviously and things like this are one reason why
  3. I had the BB2 Pro N and the BB3 Zebra, which were potted as I guess. They sounded great, however I always found they fit better for crunch than high-gain (had no problems on high-gain either)
  4. I dare to speculate that it has something to do with the wood not being as dry enough to keep its perfect shape after processing. I had this impression on various 2016 and up models, which all had "seams" and also were quite shock-sensitive in the way that you'd get dets very quickly when bumping the guitar somewhere. So it feels as if the wood is quite "soft". My 2017 Tribute is extremely sensitive in that way
  5. I can see the joints on my 2016 Flying V, despite it is a fairly plain piece of wood <_<
  6. The Gibsons I could effort were not "hot" enough for my style of music, so I changed the pickups on all of em. It would restrict me to a quite tiny circle of guitars if I would try to 100% match my desires in terms of shape, color, electronics etc. So I virtually always want to change something. Beside pickups I often install strap-locks and do "soft-mods" like string-wrapping.
  7. >Where is your guitar when you aren't playing it? It's being played while it is not being played (according to quantum physics)
  8. Yeah thanks, thats the thing I was looking for! Hm, well I had another discussion with my bandmate the other day and we came up to the question about how this would work along with them highly reactive nitrofinish on Gibson guitars? Maybe its just a better idea to drill holes instead?
  9. I also wrap all my tune-o-matic-bridge guitars and lower the stopbar. It definately feels somewhat easier to bend (depending on the angle, the strings would go over the bridge) and I also notice (quite subtile) changes in tone. My bandmates would pretend to never notice anything, but I'm sure the sound has a subtile amount of more depth and sustain... But, nevermind could be voodoo as well
  10. Yeah. I played Strats for some years and that always felt quite right until I played Les Pauls and that felt REALLY right :lol: I don't know. It is something in the instruments dimensions that just fits and feels more natural.
  11. Haha, this topic is an evergreen :lol: BTW when I was playing my bandmates LTD EC 1000 the other day, I noticed they constructed it the way, the angle is much flatter than on a Les Paul. The stop is almost all the way down by default. I also observed this on other brands of "LP style" guitars, while Gibson Les Pauls are normally built in the way, that the stop piece is quite high and people use tricks like "top-wrapping" to get it down AND a flat angle at the same time (Nah I dare not to speculate if this has something to do with any kind of intentional sound improvements )
  12. Keep in mind, unless you ask them, satisfied customers will probably enjoy silently. Complaints will always be louder. It is impossible for one to determine the true dimensions of the "problem", if there is one at all.
  13. Well I "just" own two Les Pauls (beside those a Flying V is on ist way) and I had issues with both LPs (I hope the very best for the V, but honestly I have reduced my expectations nowadays) Issues where mainly the incredible shock and material-sensitive nitro finish but also tuners and pots. To put it simple: I stick to Gibson because of Sound & Feel. Always suberb playability and vibe. Beside that, I only buy Gibsons when theres a hot sale deal :P I would rather not spend 2000$ to get one, anymore :P
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