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  1. I have (had) a 2017, 2019 and 2019 SG Standard as well as a 2019 SG Tribute. The 17-19 all had SlimTaper necks and they were all pretty thin. The 2017 had the thinnest neck. All were in the general "thin" category. The 2019 SG Tribute that I have now has a 'rounded' neck and for me feels right. If the 'new' 2019 SG Standards have the rounded neck I might like that as well. When I say 'rounded' its not a little thicker than the SlimTaper - its not a baseball bat like my old 2013 SGJ. I also have a '70s Tribute SG with the 70's type neck and volute. That neck feels really nice to me as well. Needless to say I have only kept the 70s Tribute and the 2019 Tribute.
  2. I think the best part of that scratch is if the OP returns the guitar I can buy it at $250 off! Ok I can't because I'm left handed. But really, those 'blemished' guitars are my go-to buy. I just bought a 2018 SG Std from GC of all places, listed as Excellent. It was obviously bought new and returned. I can't find a flaw on it. Maybe the original owner didn't like the pickups, IDN. But I saved $500 off the original price. In fact I bought it less than a used one on Reverb. From GC of all places! Left handed!! I get the point, its not perfect, and for $2500 it should be. But those kinds of thinks don't bother me. Before I saw the OP's second picture, I said "OMG thats an amazing guitar, please make one left handed I'll buy it right now". Beautiful guitar nonetheless.
  3. The point of repositioning that neck strap button to the higher bout was to help alleviate neck dive. Very few guitars would remain in exactly the same position seated and standing. The flying V is one of them. The SG, Les Paul and Firebird all require a slight adjustments from seated to standing position
  4. Can't seem to attach or imbed any pics. Well I could but I have a 500k limit on the file size. That's just crazy talk!
  5. I had a '17 Traditional but I sold it because, well, I bought it on credit and I didn't want that much debt on my credit card. I am keeping the '19 Studio, I played it for a few hours last night, right out of the box, with a minor adjustment in setup. Really nice guitar. Clearly better than the Tribute I had in terms of finish and fret ends ('19 Studios had bound necks). Pickups are nice, a little different than my typical low output PAF styles (498 bridge). Works really nicely with my amp setup. I'll post pictures tomorrow when I'm home.
  6. Turns out my ‘18 Tribute has a bad pot. The seller didn’t want to discount it so I sent it back rather than pull the whole PCB out and hand wire all new pots. I got a ‘19 Studio instead. More money better guitar in my opinion. It’s lighter which I would rather it not be. I just don’t want to spend $2500 on a Traditional so I’m keeping the Studio. The 498/490 combo works well with my setup.
  7. Derald

    Mislabled BB1&2?

    The ad says they're Burstbuckers but the picture and description of what you got indicates they are not. In my experience they look like a set of 498/490s. Which are nice pickups, but they are definitely not Burstbuckers.
  8. The ‘19 Tribute (and earlier Trbutes, maybe Studios as well) are about 1/8” thinner than the Standard/Classic/Traditional. That is part of why they weigh less. Two things I didn’t like about the ‘19 Tribute was the light weight and the fret ends. I wanted a heavier guitar because to me it feels better. That’s just my personal opinion. The fret ends bothered me until I got my guitar to the tech shop and had them dressed. My first Gibson was a ‘17 SG Standard which was perfect. I guess I expected the tributes to be similar regarding the fret finishing. The ‘19 Tribute was in Iced Tea and honestly it just didn’t look as nice in real life as it did on Sweetwaters website. I sent it back and got a ‘18 Tribute instead.
  9. BTW I had a 2019 Tribute Les Paul that weighed exactly 7# 9oz. Super light weight. I didn’t like it. I want my Les Paul to have more weight. But if you’re concerned about weight then the Tribute and Studio are the way to go.
  10. I just picked up a NOS 2018 Gold Top Tribute. It weighs exactly 9# even though it’s not weigh relieved. The stock strings had to come off. Without any modifications it’s quite resonate. The fretwork is ok - they’re all level, but the fret ends are not great. They’re a little rough on the ends. I had this same issue with a 2019 LP Tribute and a 2019 SG Tribute. I had the fret ends dressed during setup and the SG played like a dream. When I get this ‘18 Tribute setup I’ll have the fret ends dressed as well. My 2017 SG Standard (with binding) has perfect frets and fret ends.
  11. In case anyone wanted to know, I’ve had a few Gibson’s with the RoboTuners. While I liked them, I replaced a few too. By default the guitars with the Tronical Tuners (Gibson G-Force and MinE-Tune) have only the peg holes drilled (10mm). There are no screw holes drilled. So you can easily replace the Robo Tuners with whatever you want. Literally just install any other tuners. You will have to mark/drill new screw holes for new tuners. But you won’t have any extra holes to fill or have to re-drill. I personally used Hipshot tuners specially because they could be installed without any screws or drilling whatsoever. They use a mounting plate and you don’t have to drill anything.
  12. You should be using ‘used’ dryer sheets. New ones have chemical coatings on them. Take a used one from ur dryer and when you’re going to play, rub the neck, back and control plate covers with the dryer sheet. Once you start playing most of that static will be gone. After a few months the nitro will cure and you won’t have this problem. It’s quite common with nitro finished Gibson. My 2017 SG Std doesn’t do this but my new 2019 SG Tribute (with the thinner ‘faded’ nitro finish) does it often. I don’t notice it after about 10 minutes of playing. I keep a used dryer sheet or two on my studio desk just to quickly wipe down the guitar when I first start playing.
  13. That $1299 GC price is for the 2018 SG Std. Like Bill I wish I bought a 2018 to match my 2017 SG Std.
  14. Another thing to remember is that the volume is not really a volume like a master volume or the volume on your TV. Think of it as the power your pickups output into the amps preamp circuit. If your amp is already at a low gain overdrive then just a little bit more power will give you a little more volume. But more power (more volume from guitar) doesn’t get louder it gets more preamp gain. That might also explain why you are not hearing ‘more loud’ and instead are hearing ‘more gain’. This is exactly how I use my guitars. I leave the amp master volume wide open and dial in a little bit of preamp gain. Then I use the guitar volume and tone to go from clean to overdrive whilst keeping the overall guitar volume the same. I want a ‘loud’ clean sound and a loud ‘gain’ sound with little volume difference
  15. Audio taper pots are at 10% when rolled to 5 (one half). Linear taper pots are at 50% when rolled to 5. I use vintage taper pots (Emerson CTS Pro) which are 30% when rolled to 5. In my opinion that sort of splits the difference. You might want to try a vintage taper pot and see if that puts your volume where you can use it more effectively.
  16. I’d dial in a good metal sound with the red channel and keep the green channel for the country with the Bonsai used for lead boost with a fair amount of volume and low - mid gain. This way you have a good metal sound and a low gain country sound that you can clean up even more with guitar volume or split coils. The Bonsai can be used on either channel to boost the front end more (using pedal volume) and add a bit more gain. Like other said less gain is better since you will retain dynamics and articulation so figure you sound out with that in mind.
  17. You have to 'old' version. It's called the Gibson Min-ETune. The G-Force is the newer version. The commands are different. Here's how to stringup/down: On Back Up (Hold) Select White "E" (using left/right) Enter That will enter string up/down mode. The selected string will blink Red. Use Up or down (push down and hold, for example) to wind the string quickly. This is outlined on page 13 of the 2.12 English Tronical Tuner manual. I have attached the .pdf of the manual to this reply. I have followed these directions and it works every time. After winding each string down (I do each string twice), I unlock the string lock nut using a small blade flat head. Put on new string then tighten the lock nut. After all the strings are installed I 'wind up' the strings using the same procedure. Then I tune the guitar normally. I stretch the strings, then tune again. And again. After that it's pretty solid. Good luck! *EDIT* Looks like I can't attach a 4.5mb file. PM me your email address and I'll send you the .pdf file to your email.
  18. I know the 2017 and 2018 Tributes have proper inlays and because they’re being discounted you can buy one cheaper. I think the dots look good on lower end models. I also like the maple neck as it adds some brightness and stability to the neck. I’m happy Gibson is making all kinds of guitars over the years so I can choose exactly what features I want without having to get a Custom Shop Made to Order model.
  19. As an SG player, I noticed the ‘18 Standard (and ‘17 as well) has all the high end features you’d want including 57 Classic or 61 Alnico V pickups, binding, and locking Grover Tuners. The ‘19 Standard comes with 490 pickups and no locking tuners. You need to get the ‘19 Standard HP to get locking tuners plus the push pull and DIP switching but that guitar costs $2500. I see what they’ve done here but I think the ‘17 and ‘18 Standards are better deals even if you paid full price for them. I feel they come with nice pickups and nicer features compared to the ‘19 Standard. I would likely chance out 490 pickups so why would I spend $1500 on a guitar to change out the pickups? The newest SGs don’t come in nicer color unless you drop $2500 on the HP version. I think some time in the winter Gibson will modify this lineup a little and add some more price points and other options like they have in the past. I think if Gibson can adjust to the market quickly (mid-season run changes) I think they will sell more guitars. For example if the 2019 Standard with the 490s don’t sell maybe they can add another color option or different pickups. I really dig the SG HP for 2019 but not for $2500.
  20. Excellent point. That may have a lot to do with the static problems Gibson’s sometimes have.
  21. There’s at least one 2017 Gibson SG Standard Cherry Burst on Reverb right now for $1000 if you’re still looking.
  22. BTW the two Epiphone guitars I’ve owned never had static or pops but they come with factory shielding paint. Gibson should do the same but they don’t. Oh well I don’t complain about it I just paint the cavity and there’s never been an issue.
  23. I had a ‘13 brand new in box Signature that buzzed and popped right out of the box. I used some used dryer sheets rubbed on the back and it solved the problem. My ‘17 SG Standard might have had that problem but I hardly noticed it. I removed the PCB and wired in some Emerson CTS Pots and PIO caps instead. I prefer Emerson CTS Pots because they are low torque and vintage taper so it’s generally my first and usually only mod when I get a new guitar. I did shield paint the cavity using my trusty $8 shielding paint. I do this any time I’ve changed pots. Absolutely no static, pops, hums, scratches or other noises from the guitar even when my amp is on ‘10’ which it usually is (amp into load box with IR speakers). I haven’t kept stock Gibson pots in any guitar and because of this I paint the cavity. So I never have any static or hum issues. Out of the box I don’t think my SG had any static issues.
  24. You're right there is no 2017 SG Standards left on line, other than eBay. I have a 2017 SG Standard Cherry Burst in left handed, because I'm left handed.. The Cherry Burst is the way to go. I'd wait until you found one. The Autumn Shade on-line pics look great. In person it just didn't do it for me either. One of the main reasons you need to get hands-on time with the guitar. I was ambivalent about the 61 pickups. They are really nice pickups, but compared to my '57s they're just missing 'something'. Anyways good luck!
  25. The ‘61 pickups in the ‘18 SG (and other guitars) are alnico V versions of the ‘59 Tribute pickups. They are ‘reverse’ Burstbuckers. That is one coil is slightly overwound compared to the other. In Burstbuckers the mismatched could give a great single-coil type of sound. It’s just a smidge of single coil sound though. It’s not suddenly sounding like a Strat. The ‘61s have the opposite coil as the overwound one. This, with the alnico V magnet, make a more balanced tone and sound. They’re less ‘single coil’ sounding compared to the Burstbuckers, but have a bit more too end crunch and sizzle compared to Classic 57s. I believe they are Gibson’s version of an alnico V Pearly Gates. I have owned SGs with Classic 57, Burstbuckers 1/2, and ‘61s. I played all those through the same Marshall Vintage Modern amp. To my ears the Classic 57 gave me a thick classic sound. The Burstbuckers sounded like early AC/DC and had more clarity, but didn’t compress quite like the Classic 57s did under gain. The ‘61s sounded to me, like a mix of the Classic 57 and Burstbuckers. But on my setup with my amp and my ears, the ‘61s didn’t sound better than the 57s or Burstbuckers. Just different. Kind of like mixing both pickups but not really getting the best of both pickups. I ended up keeping the Classic 57s and Burstbuckers.
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