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  1. Well, seeing how this sequester business was " our dear leader's" idea and trumpeted by his loyal minions in the mainstream media as a great accomplishment, I welcome it. I would prefer it on a much larger scale. The Federal Govt., has grown to point where it is inefficient, cumbersome and a threat to the individual liberties, it's supposed to protect. Let's see some things that could really be cut....... Free cellphones ( they call them Obamaphone in certain areas ) Really? A free cellphone? With 500 "free minutes", gee some folks have all the luck. Free Childcare, here's an idea..... Can't afford them? Quit producing them, Condoms are cheaper than diapers. Let's not be responsible and think beyond our urges. Free Healthcare.... Gimme a break. Food Stamps or EBT as it is called, being accepted at restaurants, as a second form of currency. Also, being traded out for cigarettes and alcohol in certain legitimate retailers. See, the problem is there are plenty of wasteful programs that could be cut or reformed with a little political backbone, but the entitlement crowd, race pimps, and special interest groups will wail , gnash teeth and bemoan the loss of even one tittle of their Gubbment Cheez. All the while, we go to the Chinese with hat in hand and beg for money.... in essence to finance our own future enslavement. But HEY, as long as we all know wuz happenin with JayZ and Beyonce, Kim and Kanye and all the Hollywood pukes, it'll be just fine.
  2. One man's slop is another man's feast. Maybe, just maybe this was how Jimmy was feeling that song on that particular night. Who am I to say?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApbOc39A0xY This guy !!!!
  4. All I can add is that here in the ATL , we are 9-1.
  5. A friend of mine ( Gibson Rep ) , told me that Gibson is streamlining the product line. Trying to move everything that isn't going to be in the new lineup.
  6. If we pay attention... All of Pauls, high end models come in a " V12 "finish. I believe that only his SE lines are a full poly coat.
  7. Well , in April I had three stents put in my heart. I was in and out of the hospital in three days, the bill was right at $58,000.00 of which I paid $300.00. During my stay I had a private room and really wanted for nothing. Innovation costs money to implement in the medical field. I find it interesting that doctors in the UK are only allowed to perform a certain number of procedures in a given time frame, correct me if I'm wrong. I also prefer the system here in the US, due to the fact that there are numerous charitable hospitals that provide care. Government oversight and control, at least here in the US, usually breeds ineptitude, a myriad of regulations and overall diminishing return of services.
  8. You'd have better luck playing pick-up sticks with your butt cheeks.
  9. Been going on for years here in the States, my cardiologist has already performed over 200 of the procedures . To me it's just another example of how state run systems stifle innovation and progress, but that's a whole different can of worms to open .
  10. Allow me, first off the Constitution of these united States of America is and was a contract drawn among the States for the collective assurances of individual rights and the establishment of a form of governance. The Confederate States had full legal grounds and right to withdraw from the contractual Constitution , this was affirmed in a World Court hearing held in the 1990's. The Union was given full and proper notice and asked to withdraw all forces from Confederacy lands and refused. So, being a now occupying army, they were fired upon. Thus beginning the War of Northern Aggression. Even today the Federal government is actively engaged in war against it's Citizens, not in full fledged battles but an even more subtle and divisive manner. Not all positions of the Confederacy were moral or correct, but the underlying tone of States rights, unencumbered of an oppressive Federal government were essentially right. I am a Southerner and I approve this message.
  11. May have to go check one out. Thanks for the video.
  12. I dropped Comcrap a few years back, bad service. I finally became frustrated with terrible service techs and redid my whole house. Created a common junction box for all my incoming cables, routed everything out and labeled it accordingly. My OCD side took over.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=XfQQVvMeRdE I like this guy !!!!
  14. Local 72 for me Atlanta, Ga. Unfortunately here in Atlanta, we are saddled with plumbers, they have been infamous for ruining our "road credibilty" in years past.

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