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  1. Bumping this... wondering all the same things!
  2. Hello All, I am not sure where to put this Q - so I posted it here. 1) Does anyone have information on years/history of these two tail pieces? I have a '72 ES-325 (photo 1 is mine). Though I see many with the type in photo 2. Were/are they interchangeable? Which is original? - Should I swap to the other style for original? 2) Does anyone have exact dimensions of 325 vs. 335? I see a lot of ES-335 cases available and would like to find a perfectly fitting case. Thanks!
  3. I look forward to learning more. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, My father handed down his original '72 Walnut Gibson ES-325. The current case (light brown interior) is a nice Hiscox from London. Though it's not quite the perfect fit. I have seen this guitar in a new case. When Gibson repaired KOL's guitar (other photo with grey) 1) Help finding an original? 2) Help finding a new hard shell off the shelf snug? Thanks!
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