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  1. eljay

    1st fret Inlays

    i use to feel that way. the trap inlays on lesters start at the third fret and i'm accustomed to that. but, once i got guitars with block inlays at the first fret i warmed up to that config quite a lot.
  2. what a nice "problem" you faced! the sunburst has classic beauty while the pelham has "bling beauty" and the uncommon factor. i would 've made the same decision you did. play in good health.
  3. definitely a 336 fan, here! as you know, it will be a lot like your 359. iirc, you are/were a big 339 booster. i don't have a 339 so i'll be interested in your impressions of 336 vs. 339. regards, eljay
  4. love a story with a happy ending. good on ya, elmer!
  5. good on ya mate! cs-336/356s are great guitars . . .
  6. fwiw, i find that flats on my es-335 allow me to play certain riffs more cleanly than i can on my rw guitars (or could on the 335 before it got the flats).
  7. kudos on yer new axe! fwiw, i notice no difference in sustain between my wildwood r9 and my r8s. i've never weighed any of them but the r9 is noticeably lighter than either r8. p.s., guitar inventory in my sig is behind the times! B)
  8. good on ya, mate! 335s are da shizzle . . .
  9. Good on ya, bro! Pics, or it didn't happen, as they say . . .
  10. plain-jane satin cherry: not complaining!
  11. good on ya, mate! 336s are fabulous.
  12. eljay

    ES 359

    good on ya! have you played a cs336 or cs356? one or the other of those is the logical next step for you!
  13. as info 4 U, wildwood lists a beale blue 2010 used 335 as a new arrival tonite, 2-28-11.
  14. sounds like a wonderful guitar! maybe time for a new amp to go with?
  15. eljay


    new ones are about 2500; if it's in good condition, i'd be all over it.
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