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  1. mrj

    can not be activated

    It worked. Thank you!
  2. mrj

    can not be activated

    error message is An authorization response file could not be generated, if this error persists please contact Technical Support.
  3. mrj

    can not be activated

    I bought it on September 29, 2017. It was skipped to the Image Line with the activation button of the attached installer. So I was instructed to install the latest version, register to Cakewalk, and activate. I am also changing Internet options and checking with some browsers. Kind Regards
  4. There are problems that can not be activated. The product version displayed in CAKEWALK is DJTECHHID_LE_EDITION. I am trying all the things written in the forum. I am preparing the following and waiting, CAKEWALK registered mail address, activation request LE.crq file. I am waiting for contact from you.
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