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  1. Congrats! I got mine in June of this year. It's my 1st Gibson and I love it. It is perfect in feel, looks, and sound. I can't wait to play it on stage for the 1st time next month. I'm a big fan of "Pointy" guitars and this one is perfect.
  2. That is very interesting indeed. I love pointy guitars. I always did. I have many Jackson guitars and they are dangerouse in the wrong hands lol. Very pointy. V's are my favorite. I may get a Gibson V to match my Explorer.
  3. Awesome thanks I may try that.
  4. Yes it has the burstbuckers. And also Grover mini rototuners.
  5. Im sorry I seemed too critical in my response. I'm unfortunately turning into a crotchety old man. But I try to assume the person asking for help has at least a basic knowledge in the subject. Asking if someone knows how to string a guitar properly akin to asking if someone knows how to turn the key to start their car. At is it to me. Besides , I didn't ask for help with the tuning issue. Only a suggestion on tuner upgrades. So I apologize for snapping at you.
  6. It came with Burstbuker 2 and Burstbucker 3 pickups. Possibly the most "percussive" pickups I've ever played, except p90's, which is great because I do a lot of purcussive stuff on guitar. They both sound super awesome. The tuning issue isn't extreme at all. I can definetly live with it. But I would like to upgrade the tuners anyways. Even if it doesn't fix the issue.
  7. No offense, but I have been playing guitar for 30 years. I have owned many guitars, and still do. So your question is a little insulting. So if you can answer my question, please do.
  8. I recently purchased my first Gobson, a 2019 Gibson Explorer Antique Natural. I am mostly a Jackson guy. But I have a few other popular and cheapo brands. I always wanted a real Explorer and finally got it. I absolutely love how it looks, how it feels, how it plays, and how it sounds.But I do have one issue with it. It does not stay in tune that great. It's not horrible. It is mostly after a couple songs that the g,b, and high e go a little out. I've read that this is somewhat common on Gibson guitars. It's not that big of a deal for me. So I am going to use this issue to upgrade my tuners to locking tuners. I definetely don't want to be drilling holes for the new tuners. So does anybody know of any locking tuners that can be "dropped in" without drilling? Thanks.
  9. Lol. I actually do find a lot of good stuff at the curb. Mostly electronic stuff. But this Explorer case is the first time I found a guitar case.
  10. Thanks. I'll probably get a 2016. I actually have a nice Explorer case I found at the curb. It was in great shape.
  11. Well I missed out on it. Somebody else grabbed it while I was debating it. Oh well it;'s probably for the better. I think I'll save up for a better one.
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