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  1. I have not listened to your recording, but I did want to chime in about the Hummingbird. I recently purchased my first bird and I can't say enough great things about it. It's everything I want in an acoustic guitar. I had a Martin D-28 Marquis - no slacker, but I ended up selling it because the Hummingbird is just perfection to me. The greatest thing about it to me is the tone. It's a rich sounding guitar and each note plays with such clarity. The Martin sounds beautiful, and can be LOUD if you want it to be, but the Hummingbird tone is just amazing. My martin had a modified V neck which I could play, but never loved. My HB is a 2000 model - not sure what neck shape they call it, but it's perfect. I also like the width at the nut - not quite as wide as the Marquis, but wider than a D-45 for instance, which I find too narrow. Finally, the thing is beautiful to look at ! That cherry sunburst, the black head-stock with the Gibson inlay, and the double chevron's - it's a piece of art.
  2. I'm feeling it! I've played a lot of nice acoustics - this one is special!
  3. I liked the strings that were on it - though they were a bit dead. I had my luthier gauge them and they matched what Gibson recommends for this guitar (can't recall exactly but a lighter gauge). My luthier gave me elixer's when he serviced my Martin and I did not like them so I went with something else. They're phosphor bronze, but I don't know the brand. I did notice the guitar sounded better strummed with a softer pick (I typically use a firmer one). The guitar has great tone, and I played something in drop D (fingerpicked - Dear Prudence) and it sounded so full and loud - really resonates. I don't have a good mic so it would be tough to demo it. I'll work on that... Thanks for the comments!
  4. Nicely done! Always loved this song! Tony
  5. I just picked up this sweet HB on ebay and I am in love! It's always a gamble buying a guitar without playing, but I scored on this one. I'd been playing the HB's at the local Guitar Centers and was really digging them. Tried the torrified version and was underwhelmed. I was actually considering a Martin D-45 (I currently have a D-28 Marquis). But this one was the right price, so I went for it. What an amazing insrument! Another forum member commented that if you can find the right HB, they are sublime - I believe I've found one. This might be the best acoustic I've ever played - the tone is amazing. It's a 2000 (40th anniversary of the HB - coincidentally my Martin is a 175th anniversary). I guess it won some award that year - from Wiki: "In 2000 the Gibson Hummingbird was the winner of Acoustic Guitar's Player's Choice Award for the Dreadnought Category". The guitar was filthy when I opened the case and I had to spend some time cleaning it up. It looked like a cat had been living in the case (found a bird feather?). I had a moment of terror when I saw some white crusted residue on the soundhole which I thought was mold! My luthier checked it out and said it was finishing compound and gently sanded it away. Put new strings on and now it sings! I have to give thanks for this forum - the knowledge and experience of other members has been immensely helpful. It's great to have a resource like this when you need to know something about an instrument. I'm attaching a pic (sorry about the mess; I'm moving soon). Back to playing... :) Tony
  6. Bummer. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. I joined a few months back and found that I had to post at least 25 times to see the "Trading Post". I did that, and have accessed it, but now it's gone again. Anybody know why?
  8. So, if Gibson has done away with MSRP and only has MAP, what should I expect to pay for this Himmingbird Vintage listed at $4949??
  9. To complicate things further: Anybody have experience buying a Gibson custom? Does Gibson make you pay what MSRP would be??
  10. That sounds like a reasonable explanation. I'm not familiar with historical prices - do you think this new price is closer to the traditional MSRP or the MAP?
  11. So nobody has an answer? Any re-sellers on here want to chime in??
  12. I was just reading through the forum and finding out about different pricing strategies for new guitars. If I'm not mistaken, MSRP is typically the highest price. MAP is minimum advertised price (which is less than MSRP). And it also seems that you can often get 40% off MSRP if you can haggle. So my question - I'm looking at the new Hummingbird Vintage that's coming out in 2018. I see it on a re-seller website for $4949. They also say the MSRP is $6383 (yikes!). But when I got to Gibson.com, it shows it at $4949. Where are these folks getting this MSRP number from? Isn't the Gibson site MSRP??
  13. I don't know why people bash Webber, but the band Crowded House also takes a shot at him in "Chocolate Cake": "Not everyone in New York would pay to see Andrew Lloyd Webber May his trousers fall down as he bows to the queen and the crown I don't know what tune that the orchestra played But it went by me sickly and sentimental" At any rate, you should check out the JCS album if only for the amazing bass playing of Alan Spenner.
  14. Thanks! Currently checking out a Martin D-42...
  15. Have you given JCS a chance?! So good. You know The Grease band plays on the whole thing??
  16. I like Pet Sounds a lot. And I love Pepper. If I were trapped on a desert island with only one album, it might be The White Album (or the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar).
  17. Thanks! It's a beautiful sounding guitar. :)
  18. Has anyone followed this link? It shows Gibson’s guitar making process from start to finish. Really cool!!
  19. My Martin is 1.75 at the nut - so the newest HB is pretty close at 1.725. I made a jump when I got the Martin, my Takamine was narrower. I like the extra width. My Martin also has a modified V neck, which is a little beefy. I can play it, but the HB just feels so good in my hand. EVERYTHING is easier to play. I’m having the action lowered right now - so hopefully that will improve things. Would be nice to add a hog though. Thanks for the feedback!
  20. Love this song! Love the harmonies! Great job!
  21. Wow! Beautiful! Love the guitar and love the tone! Thanks for sharing!
  22. I want to play like that! Nice job! What model guitar is that?
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