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  1. Nicely done! I taped this off the radio back in the 80's and used to listen to it all the time. I want a Les Paul!
  2. Years ago, I played a Hummingbird at my local Guitar Center. Then I tried the Dove and fell in love! Really wanted that one for a while. I'm not sure if they have one in stock, but I will find out. Been playing a HB there these past few weeks and really digging it.
  3. Loved your analysis of each song - spot on! Interesting that you only ever owned a stereo version - the Beatles spent their time perfecting the mono - the stereo mix was an afterthought, and they were not involved with the mixing of it. If you are a Beatles fan, I highly recommend the new stereo remix. Giles Martin (son of George) remixed the entire album from the master tapes. Not only that, but he did not have to "bump down" the tracks like the Beatles did and therefore did not have to suffer from the sound loss that the Beatles did in bumping tracks. His new stereo version is really him trying to come as close to the mono version as he could. If you compare this new mix to the old, it is remarkably better! If you have Amazon prime, you can download the music app - the new Pepper remix is included free! Also, when this remix was released, Giles Martin did several interviews (NPR, and other various podcasts). It's really fascinating to hear him talk about the new mix, and the slight differences between the original stereo and mono (key changes for instance, and the absence of certain effects). He even plays the old and new tracks back to back to show the differences. Really cool. Yes, I like the Beatles. :)
  4. A little late to the party.... I watched the special and really enjoyed it. In the beginning, I found Goodall annoying, and thought he went out of his way to be in the spotlight (I also thought some of the sets were pretty bad). But once he started talking about the specifics of the music (the fact that "She's Leaving Home" is modal, e.g.), he won me over. Really good show worth watching.
  5. I've heard about those - I know a guy who regretted selling his. I've considered them, but was worried about longevity - this is a fairly new process - will it hold up over time? And secondly, I want that Hummingbird tone - this guitar, while nice, isn't the same. I know they also make a HB with an Adirondack top - which would also be different. Maybe I'm too much of a purist...?? But as you said, the new one's are among the best they've made - how new? Last 5 years? Are there years to avoid?
  6. Well, I just checked my guitar specs - looks like it came with a bone saddle, nut, and bridge pins! Maybe that answers the question? (mine is a D-28 Marquis)
  7. I've read this thread with great interest. My Martin is currently in the shop getting the action adjusted. I'm contemplating a bone saddle (and now after reading this thread, a bone nut and different pins!). One thing that was lightly touched on in a couple of comments, but not really elaborated on was: has anyone considered what the manufacturers intentions were? Are Martin and Gibson using plastic bridges because they are cheaper, or because they think they sound the best? My Martin was very expensive when new and I'd like to think they weren't being cheap with the materials! (but would not be surprised if they were).
  8. Interesting quote: "Production techniques designed to increase profit rather than tone infected all the guitars in the 1970s, and by the early ’80s the once famous Gibson acoustic guitars had hit a dead end." Source: https://www.themusiczoo.com/blogs/news/factory-tour-gibson-montana-s-acoustic-guitars
  9. Hey - I'm pretty new to the forum. I have a Martin D-28 Marquis, but I've been thinking about getting a Hummingbird - a guitar I've always liked. Been playing one down at the local Guitar Center for the past few weeks. I read somewhere recently that someone thought the guitars coming from Bozeman right now are the best they've ever made. Anybody have any real world experience with this? Are the new Hummingbird's better? I've read some stuff about pick guards coming loose - is that happening with newer models?
  10. Looks like I need to post 25 times before I have access to the trading post! Thanks for those who tried to help. I'll go start posting...
  11. Thanks for the link - still can’t access!! Maybe because my account is new?
  12. I see all the ones you mention excep trading post. I am logged in. I’m on an iPhone.
  13. I don’t see anything called “All Things Gear”.
  14. Hello! I just joined hoping to find a place to buy a guitar. I saw in another post there is a “trading post” section, but I can’t seem to find it. Are we allowed to buy and sell on here? I currently own a Martin D-28 Marquis - and I’m really interested in getting a Hummingbird. Thanks.
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