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  1. Thanks for the help. Yes, I've tried to swing the bar down, but it still does not fit the chainsaw case. The bar must swing down for any case. I will stop in at my local big box guitar store and try out some cases.
  2. I just installed a Bigsby B7 on my '78 Les Paul Deluxe. Now I need a case that will fit the guitar with the extra height of the Bigsby. I don't need a Gibson brand case, in fact the '70s chain saw case that I have will NOT work unless I force the case closed….not ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hello, I just installed a Bigsby B7 on my 1978 Les Paul Deluxe and I need a case that will accommodate the extra hardware of the Bigsby. It does not have to be a Gibson logo case. I have a 70's chainsaw case that is less than ideal. It fits, but I have to force it closed. Thanks
  4. What gauge/brand strings are you using? You may have difficulty with .009 gauge.
  5. Does anyone know what the output was/is on the early 60's Cassinos? And what the output is on the current Cassinos including the Eletists? Thanks. I'm interested in upgrading my 4 year old Cassino..... the stock pick-ups sound a bit HOT to me, too overwound.
  6. I want to install a Bigsby vibrato on my Casino. I have seen pictures of Casinos with various Bigsby models installed, B-3, B-7 and B-11 models. The Bigsby web site is of very little help. I am a little reluctant to install the B-7 or similar models due to the fact that they have the tension bar and I am not sure if this adds enough tension to worry about because the Casino is a full hollow body, I don't want to put excess stress on the top. Most of the Gretch models have floating bridges and use the Bigsby without the tension bar. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for the info.. Since my LP Deluxe has the same route as the P-90s, this should be a simple unsolder and resolder job. I think I will keep the 500ohm pots in for now and see how they work. I can always roll back the volume and/or tone of they are a bit too bright. That 50's Black bueaty you have is an awesome guitar. I am hoping to get similar sounds out of mine when it's done. I am going to put in a set of soap bar P-90s from Fat Tone. They are reasonably priced and claim to produce some good tones. Yes they are wound over seas, but I don't think I have shell out a ton of $ to get the sound I am after. Please post how your SD P-Rails sound. I may put them in my other LP.
  8. I am putting in a set of P-90s in my 1978 LP Deluxe and I need to know what value pots and caps you guys have in your P-90 equiped LPs. Gibson tech support says they put 500 ohm in the current USA models and 300 ohm in the current Custom models. I am putting in single coil P-90s, not stacked or P-100s. Anybody know what is or was used in the '56 Goldtops or the '54 Black Beautys. Thanks!
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