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  1. Oh yes that is one fine sounding Hummingbird. That fella plays it masterfully.
  2. Ok so this luthier fella I know shows me this early 70's Gibson j-45 deluxe a couple months back. It was in many pieces some of which looked like broken pieces of kindling. Well I go to his shop often and have seen him do some reasonably impressive work but I was highly skeptical this guitar would ever be right again. Fast forward to yesterday I go into his shop and he is happy to hand me the j-45 all strung up and ready to play. I gave it one strum and got goosebumps. It sounded like one of the finest guitars I had ever heard. You can actually see where the neck was snapped right off the body. All the pieces around the neck are jigsaw glued together. It was an amazing sight to witness. I will ask his permission to take a couple pictures and perhaps a video of sound.
  3. I think this is a great decision. Even if they only have a few nice models in a shop it gives them more exposure. As well as the scarcity can create a bit of buzz too. Simply the more people who have a chance to try them is more people who will fall in love with the deep sound.
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  5. If ya gotta ask... Perhaps your just not Gibson material (joking of course). I have recently had several high end guitars from high end and lower cost builders. I prefer the Gibson sound. It feels beefier, thicker, stronger. I also love the martin tone, just not quite as much. And I would never knock out Taylor, Guild, or any of the countless boutique builders. That is the beauty of the musical hobby. There is a guitar out there for everyone. The fun part is finding it. After an exhaustive search. I have just found that I always come back to Gibson.
  6. Music is AS good or EVEN better than it has ever been before! There are ten year old kids who can play stuff on guitar that Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton could only dream of. The entire planet has access to better musical equipment than the Beatles ever did. There are groundbreaking acts coming out every other day; White Stripes, Chili Peppers, Gillian Welch, John Mayer, The list is darn near endless. No...excellent music in general is in good hands and will continue far into the future. Oh and by the way Justin Beibers album "purpose" is a darn great album.
  7. Just picked up a 2011 southern jumbo Woody Guthrie. Sounds just like the j-45 I let go (then regretted terribly). Will post a few pics soon. Now my 1962 hummingbird never has to leave the house...ever. Until I sell it lol.
  8. I would return it immediately. Unless you were absolutely in love with the sound. It looks like a used guitar.
  9. Ok I have put a lr bags m1 active in the sound hole. I am just leaving it there as it is a bit of a pain to take in and out. Why do you suggest taking it out when not playing?
  10. I THANK YOU ALL FOR THE INPUT I will not be modifying the guitar at all. I will simply use a sound hole pickup. I will spring for a good quality one and use a little frog tape to stop the wire from goin all floppy floppy.
  11. N.G.D 1962 gibson hummingbird. Completely stock and original. I want to use it on stage however it of course has no pick up. Opinions on whether to put one in or not welcomed please. And if so what would be the least intrusive to use? Thank you in advance. P.S. I am on top of the moon right now lol. Pictures soon.
  12. Ok if you are dead set on a cutaway you really should look at the songwriter series guitars. They are all Gibson and they sound great. However I would suggest giving the j-45 a second look. It really is the most iconic guitar in the gibby lineup. You will get a bit more oompf out of any gibson you get without a cutaway. The advanced jumbos are also amazing sounding instruments. Just do yourself a favour. DON,T RUSH! Take your time and try 100 guitars both Gibson and Martins. like the new d-18 are killer sounding instruments. The world is yours have fun!
  13. Hi my name is Bryant. I,m from Vancouver canada. I recently sold my gibson songmaker (Canadian made gibson) and a couple others and am now the proud grateful owner of a 2016 j-45. What a beautifull sounding instrument it is. I take it to local open mics and it sounds just like every classic song ever played. I am also grateful to see all the knowledge floating around this site what a cool community. looking forward to getting to know some new friends.
  14. Hi there I am brand new to this site. I like to peruse the classified sections and darn it if I can't find it around here. I must be blind maybe...help?
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