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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am looking for a gentle and SEXy man

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Ceptorman

  2. Going to see Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers, and Ann Wilson this Friday night. It's at the Klipsch outdoor music center just east of Indy.....can't wait.
  3. Not many bands can claim this. Maybe the best bassist on the planet. Maybe the best guitarist around. Probably the best drummer alive.
  4. "If you're not playing with a Gibson and Marshall, you're a wanker" Ian St Ian
  5. Nice Kawi American Cheez....been riding this for years.
  6. His recent appearance on Dan Rather's show The Big Interview was very good. Dan got him to tear up.
  7. As Ian Saint Ian would say...."if you're not playing Gibson and Marshall, you must be a wanker"
  8. Awesome....enjoy the show. I wonder how many more years those guys have? They still hit it pretty hard for their age. Isn't Mick going to be a father again?
  9. Haha, that was hilarious....thanks for sharing." One eyed sailor"
  10. Cool, thanks. I have British relatives that come here 3-4 times a year. I like to surprise them with new words to use
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