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  1. I've been a Floyd fan since the mid 70s, I think Wish You Were Here is there best album. I do like Gilmour over Waters. I've seen them with and without Waters. David has some very good solo work also.
  2. HBD.....the anniversary of the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald was a few weeks ago.
  3. This thread is more than 7 years old, and the OP hasn't been on this site in over 6 years, I doubt you will get a response.
  4. Welcome Martin. I bought a new 2017 LP tribute last year. It was ok, but needed a little attention to get it up and playing. I sold it and bought a used mint 2018 Epiphone LP Standard Pro Plus Top. To me it just feels like a better guitar. The action is better, the quality actually seems better than the Gibson. It has the edge binding just like a Gibson LP, which the Tribute doesn't. Before I bought the Tribute, I really didn't consider an Epiphone, until I read (mostly on here) about how good the Epi's are. I just wanted the Gibson name on the head stock. Lately I've noticed a lot of professional musicians playing Epiphone guitars.
  5. Indy has it's own infield road course, and they use about half of the oval. They eliminated 175k seats to make the road course. The first Indy F1 was the most attended F1 race in history, over 250k people. The cars were at full throttle for 22 seconds, they sounded awesome while sitting in the covered grand stand. IndyCar does race at COTA, this year was the first one. The F1 cars were 13 seconds a lap faster. They raced at Long Beach back in the 80s, 90s. There is two more F1 racing coming to the states in the next year or so, one is somewhere in California, the other is a street course in Miami, New York/Jersey is also trying to get a race. Since Roger Penske bought the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he wants to bring F1 back there. There is a lot of GT racing in the states, IMSA has racing everywhere. They will have a 12 hour endurance race at Indy next year.
  6. It was awesome around here when there was the Indy 500, Brickyard 400, F1, and MotoGP bike racing. Now the bikes and F1 are gone. There is a rumor that since Penske bought the Speedway, he wants to get F1 back at Indy.
  7. Congrats on the new guitar, where's the pic? 😊
  8. My brother is a part time spotter on an IndyCar team, he only does this for the Indy 500. He worked with Robert Wickens last year, and former F1 driver Marcus Ericsson this year. That same team will build a car for Fernando Alonso this year, so he might be spotting for him.
  9. I've heard the Johnson City area is nice. Hopefully it won't be so cold when you travel with your gear. Good luck and enjoy the moving process.
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