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  1. Nice job, be cool to find a stream of abused instruments to rebuild. I think you could make decent money, and get to play with guitars all day.
  2. I'm liking the new finish, has a classic look.
  3. Very nice photo. Glad to hear the Epiphone can somewhat hold it's own.
  4. Wow....very nice! Awesome rendition, and a great cause, thank you.
  5. It sure looks nice, and your write up was wonderful....thanks. Enjoy that fine guitar.
  6. I bought a new 2017 Gibson LP Tribute, it was $800usd. It just didn't seem to be finished very good. I know it's their cheapest LP, but I wasn't impressed, just felt dull. I sold it and bought a used, mint 2015 Epiphone LP Traditional Pro Plus Top, it was $300. It instantly felt better, the action felt better, lively. To me it just feels like a much more refined guitar. So lately, I've been. looking at Epi instead of Gibson. I'm looking at an older acoustic.
  7. Serial number: L6120006 Production year: December 1986, 1996 or 2006 (serial: 0006) Made by Leader Musical Instrument Co Ltd., Korea Production year: 1986 If Acoustic: Mottled label Made by Fuji-gen, Japan
  8. It's not very specific on the year..... Guitar Info Your guitar was made in Korea on December, 1986,1996 or 2006 Production Number: 6
  9. Exceptional player, just a little too clean or precise to me.
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