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  1. Here's a fumed thread asking the same thing....https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/music-force-in-korea-any-expereiences.1810182/
  2. Yea that orange/gray haze makes the late day sun look somewhat eerie.
  3. That would get more than a "hmmm" from me! I would probably be on the phone to a realtor!!
  4. I guess all you can do then is hope they stay safe.
  5. From Epiphone...Your guitar was made at the Unsung Plant, Korea on July, 2003 Production Number: 315 Looks like an SG Standard 61' model. They're around $500 new today. Someone with more knowledge on older Epiphone guitars might know more about it.
  6. Yes it's extra sad when your loved ones can't even see you.
  7. Jeff, you sure have a wealth of knowledge, very impressive, and you sure don't mind sharing....thanks for all you do on here.
  8. Good info, but I doubt the OP will see this, he hasn't been on here since he started this thread 11 years ago....
  9. Good vibes sent to Dan, hope it all turns out ok.
  10. The odds would be slim if the owner of that guitar is on here and sees this thread. I agree with sending it to Gibson.
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