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  1. You will never get your money back selling a guitar you modded. Doesn't matter if it plays and sounds exactly like the guitar it was copied from, you won't get your money back. Yes, I know you put in a set of Lollar pickups, a Babicz bridge, and that the nut is 40,000 year old fossilized mammoth ivory you put into that Epiphone Special 2. It's still a $130 guitar in peoples minds.
  2. Bad penguin


    OOOoohhh Kayyyyy..... The P90 can't be split, since it's a single coil pickup. Splitting, or more commonly called "coil tapping" is done on humbuckers with 2 coils. One coil is essentially turned off, giving you a single coil sound. Since a P90 is a single coil, there's nothing to turn off. Duncan does have a stacked P90, with two coils, that could be tapped to give you a single coil P90 tone. Same with D'Marrizo. BUT, when turning off a coil, it opens the guitar up to the reason humnbuckers were created in the first place: Hum. IF you use a lot of high gain, you will have an issue with hum. So, instead of coil tapping, try a series/parallel switch. It will give you the brightness of the single coil P90, without the hum. Use of a push/pull switch can eliminate the need for drilling holes in the guitar. Hope this helps!
  3. They were all made in Japan by Matsumoku. they also released the Aria, Lyle, Diamond, under the same model number, with the only difference being the brand name on the headstock.
  4. If I buy a guitar, it's because I fell in like with the bare bones of the guitar. Everything else is modifiable. Pickups, oh hell yes. Nut, bridge, tuners, whatever, again yes. Blowtorch or bandsaw, whatever it takes to bring out the best of that guitar. Sometimes, nothing gets done, because it just right. 97 Sheraton II is a perfect example of that, same with my 79 Genesis. My Peerless made Casino? Had the guts ripped out and replaced within ten minutes of walking in the door. Also threw out the rattle tarp bridge that came with it.
  5. Actually quite easy to do. The wires attached to the switch section of the push/pull from the pickup are called, obviously, the "TAP" wires. These two wires get wired together, then taped off. The remaining wires are your "hot" and "ground" wires. Hot wire to the first lug of the volume pot, ground to the back of the pot. See the below diagram to get a visual. http://guitarelectronics.com/2-humbuckers-3-way-toggle-switch-2-volumes-2-tones/
  6. I would lean towards the LP over the Genesis. I have an original Genesis, made in either Japan or Singapore, and the modern ones don't come close to playability or sound. AND they are like, 3 or 4 pounds lighter then the originals. The Korean Pauls are, again, in my humble opinion, are slightly better in construction and tone.
  7. I have to kindly disagree with the above. I feel the hardware, including the pickups, are FAR superior to the modern ones. My Sheraton II, madein 95 by Samick, has the Schaller looking bridge, and a nice heavy tailpiece. Pickups are killer, perhaps better then the Burstbuckers in my ES139, and it's one of the rare guitars, I wouldn't change a thing on. But back to the original topic.... The badging means nothing. You buy it, if it feels right in your hands and sounds good to your ears.
  8. Check feebay. Buy a cheap pickguard for a Paul like creature, if the bracket is the same as the one you are looking for.
  9. Tuners are always a good upgrade, along with strap locks. I personally think another upgrade worth the money is a new bridge and tail piece. I find the Epi bridges to be somewhat of a rattle trap.
  10. Lose the trem, make it a see thru finish with REAL wood, not crap mahogany with mahogany veneers, and make it one, maybe 2 pieces of wood. Add the binding around the neck and headstock, and drop the gold. Make the 3 pickups an option. (Personally 3 mini hums are the LAST combo I would own.) A 12 string version would be killer. Otherwise, looks ok.
  11. Thank you one and all! here are two pics, one of my Gibbys, the other, of my other passion, Ibanez.
  12. Don't believe it has ever been refinished, but hey, it's always possible.
  13. Long time Gibson owner, first time poster. A few words about me. My first REAL guitar was a 72 Paul Custom. That was followed by a 65 SG, 67 Melody Maker SG, 67 ES330, then a 67 Non Reverse Firebird. All long gone, to pay rent, mortgages, etc etc. The 80's and 90's were hard times for the traveling musician! Currently in my stable I have, a 78 L6S, 81 Paul Custom Silverburst. (Originally cut for a Kahler, and then reverted back to normal with the hole left open.) UGLIEST color ever by the way, an 80's Sonix 180. (buried in the closet needing work. I HATE the damnable thing) 97 Blueshawk, an 02 Paul Voodoo, and a '13 ES139. That's it for my Gibby's. (I have about 60 others floating around. Now you know why my wife calls me guitarded! Been a tech and a musician for 30 odd years, started off by playing bass. (first bass, a 67 or so EB3L) And decided to switch over to guitar some 20 years ago. Worked for Martin, worked for Ibanez, and worked in various chains around the country. Hopefully, I can add some insight where needed. Now ok, time to whisper about the newcomer while his back is turned!
  14. Posting pics here is a pain.....
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