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  1. Thanks for your help everyone.
  2. I have a 2018 SJ-200 which I love. It still has the original strings and I want to go a bit lighter. If I do that, will it absolutely require setting up again? Taking it in to a workshop is a bit of a chore. I've never really owned a guitar before where the cost of getting it restrung and set-up hasn't been more than the value of the guitar! Maybe someone could recommend the best gauge strings for a slightly more Bluesy vibe than what Gibson shipped it with. Thanks Martin
  3. Thanks everyone for chipping in. That helped me.
  4. I watched a you tube vid of Vince Gill recently and boy, does he have a tack of great guitars! When he took a guitar it seemed that he had to really wind them up to get them in tune and it got me wondering if you should unwind them a bit to lay them down for a while? One other Q about string tension. If I put lighter strings on my new J200 is it likely to need setting up again. Currently it’s as is out-of-the-box and feels lovely. I’d just like a bit more room to bend.
  5. Today I went to a guitar shop tonlooka at Gibson Acoustic 2018 Limited Edition Hummingbird Vintage, Heritage Cherry Thin Finish VOS. I have been dreaming about the hummingbird for years and more actively for about 8 months. I played the guitar and thought it looked pretty but poorly finished and sounded OK. So sitting next to it was a Gibson Acoustic 2018 SJ-200 Standard, Vintage Sunburst so I picked it up and had a go. I was knocked out! It felt lovely to hold and sounded so nice. I thought it gave a clear, crisp, sound across the range and was very forgiving to play. We fell in love and I took her home. I am thrilled.
  6. Many thanks @jinder. I’m in UK and will check out the link
  7. Thank you for your helpful reply. I think I am going to keep looking for a used model. I think if I had a bright, shiny new one, I might be afraid to pick it up!
  8. I am gearing up to get a Hummingbird and have been reading a lot about acoustic guitars including many hour staring longingly at the most expensive models! I came across a really interesting Luthier's blog as part of my reading/surfing which I enjoyed reading. However, I was a bit freaked out by his comments relating to a repair of an old Martin: Is this really a common problem in large acoustics? I would hate to spend £2.5k on a guitar only for the bridge pressure to distort the soundboard.
  9. Get rhythm when you get the blues

    Come on , get rhythm when you get the blues

    Get a rock 'n' roll feelin' in your bones

    Put taps on your toes and get gone

    Get rhythm when you get the blues

  10. Can anyone point me to a list of Hummingbird guitars that don't have pickups. I don't mean every model or variation that has ever been produced but just the guitars that might be easily available today. Thanks
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