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  1. Experimental Sounds of the guitar Minarik Goddess with Roland GK-3 and Boss SY-1000 Regards, Marcus
  2. Experimental Guitar Music - The inherent reactions of an inanimate object Regards, Marcus
  3. The miraculous effect of GraphTech's Tune-O-Matic Resomax Bridge on my new Tokai ES-335 The guitar https://www.txirula.com/tokai-es198-sr.html is new and I had the idea of changing its original bridge for one of GraphTech Resomax https://graphtech.com/collections/resomax-bridges-tune-o-matic and the sound result and its great increase in Sustain seemed to me something amazing - Guitar sounds through Boss GT-1000 Regards, Marcus
  4. American Hot - Only Solo Guitar Improvisation Regards, Marcus
  5. Holding hands in the rain - Funk Smooth Jazz Regards, Marcus
  6. The Mummy - Closets always contain secrets Sometimes I forget it that i'm alive and I become a hidden mummy in a closet, in a closet that protects me from calendars and minutes and seconds filled with yesterday, now and later I am a bandaged ghost with the papers of the news that are the same always so sad and expert in repeating over and over again over and over again for ever and ever, Amén This planet it's a closed circuit The life, the water and the air we breathe, everything is past, everything is past This p
  7. I hadn't used my Gibson ES-335 for a long time and that must be because some things about it bored me. One day I started researching on the Internet about the sound differences that could exist between a 335 with Stop bar and a 335 with Tailpiece. The truth is that I did not find much information, but what convinced me the most was they said that guitars with Tailpiece have much less strings tension making them more pleasant to play. They also said that their acoustic abilities improved, etc ... So I decided to give that 335 a change and turn it into something more magical for my taste. I chan
  8. D’angelico Excel Mini DC vs Gibson L4 Ces Custom Shop - Guitar Duet - Guitar Test - No Talking Regards, Marcus
  9. Hollow Body Type 335 Guitar Duel - Gibson ES-335 vs Tokai ES-335 - No Talking - Clean Neck Position Regards, Marcus
  10. Breakfast with Angels - Nostalgic Electric Guitar Poem - D’angelico Excel Mini DC Regards, Marcus
  11. Human Desert - Mysterious Guitar Session - Gibson L4 Ces Regards, Marcus
  12. The sound of the Takamine New Yorker, recorded in the studio with the Neumann TLM 103 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjspp1WWZog Regards,
  13. TOuT EST LÀ (French Song) Regards,
  14. Indian Swing - Cool Slow Guitar Session by Marcus Nalgaber - Tokai ES198 SR - Premium Vintage Series Regards, Marcus
  15. Tokai ES198 SR - Premium Vintage Series Regards, Marcus
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