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  1. I haven't been watching, mostly because of the endless variations of competition in some of the sports. In addition the political attitudes of many players bothered me. "Spirit of competition"? Seems it is hard to find. But what really got me was the poor sportsmanship of the Canadian Womens hockey team when they lost the shoot out. Just seemed to confirm my previous thoughts.
  2. I sure am enjoying my ebony one. A bit heavy, I am trying out different straps, but easy to play.
  3. Welcome David. Glad to have another David on the forums. lol You choice for a first guitar was a good one. If you stick with it, that one will become what I call a "beach" guitar. One you wouldn't mind taking to the beach. I just bought my first electric, a Sheraton Pro II, in more than 40 years. Have had various acoustic one and am looking at the Hummingbird to replace the "Conn". Seems to have developed at buzz I cannot get rid of. I'll work on some more though. What surprised me was when my wife asked which guitar I was looking to buy. When you treat your spouse right pick your timing, and start a guitar fund, you'll find you will have a nice collection if that's what you want. Good luck and look forward to reading your posts. Rev. David
  4. Started with "Mexico" by James Taylor, then "Margaritaville" by Jimmy Buffett. Started working on a Native American Flute intro to Tom Dooley.
  5. Working on a bottle of Makers Mark and Wild Turkey 101. Then again, I'd rather drink my whiskey than talk about it. lol
  6. Like others have said, our thoughts and prayers are with them both for a quick and total recovery. Having been in a few bands myself over the years the question of replacements are always the toughest decisions. I was surprised to read that you are in multiple bands. That is always is a logistical nightmare just in play dates let alone in equipment and transportation. Hope you find someone who will fit in for a while. take care Rev. David
  7. The Joe Pass was one of two other guitar I was looking at last November. I bought the Sheraton but I still have my eye on this one. Great axe and I know that it plays very well.
  8. Well I baked four loafs of banana bread, and gave three away to the neighbors. The fourth we tasted this morning. It was good topped with a little Kerry Gold butter. For lunch or dinner this Christmas Eve, we have no idea what is on the menu. Have some presents to drop off locally so it will either be Chinese, pizza or pot stickers. For Christmas Day, a pork roast, sweet potatoes, and garlic green beans. Mince and apple pies for desert. From the high desert of Nevada we wish everyone in the Lounge a Merry Christmas, the Happiest of Holidays, and a joyous and prosperous New Year.
  9. One of my favorites has always been "Little St. Nick" by the Beach Boys.
  10. Just to bring us back to the topic at hand, did we all decide that "Vintage" only refers to an items age and not it's value and that we should not get bent out of shape about it? BTW, Merry Christmas to all my fellow players.
  11. Just my two cents here but I find the staff, as many others do, uneducated about their products. I worked in a music store many many years ago and part of our training was to have a basic knowledge about the products. If GC ratings have once again been downgraded to CCC- then they will have a tough time finding someone to buy them. I suppose that someone, like Sweetwater might be about to buy them and do a complete overhaul, but it would be better to go chapter 11, and become an on line store. Personally I would not like that. I like music stores. They often times are where musicians can gather to exchange ideas and have some fun. Maybe that's what is wrong with GC. Going there never seems like....fun
  12. If you are really in the market for an electric guitar here are some basic considerations. 1. What style do you play or are going to play An Epiphone Sheraton Pro II is a wonderful choice for rock, blues, and country, but if you are going to play metal or smash style. I'd look to a solid body. 3. What is your budget for everything you need. This includes the guitar, a hard case, couple of sets of strings, tuner, picks and a capo. 4. What is your time frame of need. If you have the time to save, then do it. The $100-$300 unit will play okay , but won't hold a candle to the $400-$600. 5. How many, that fit into items 1-4 have you played? Here is my example. I really always wanted a Gretsch. I thought they were cool, sounded remarkable, and were a breeze to finger. So I went looking, and playing many different makers units in the style I wanted. Then the guy at the guitar store said, "try one of these". It turned out to be the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro. It sounded just like I wanted, was ebony black and gold (I wanted the cherry) but the big thing is that it fit my hand better so the fingering was easier. Prices were comparable and though they didn't have the hard case for it (think Christmas list), I was close to the budget. Point is that you've got to play them. This is an investment, not only in money, but in pleasure, and you want it to be something you want to pick up and play. Well I hope that help a bit. Good luck.
  13. Well it has been two weeks since I posted on my Sheraton II Pro purchase. This thing is hard to put down. It had been 50 years since I owned an electric, and, though I like my acoustics, this guitar is a whole lot of fun to play. I think that I have many many years of playing this beautiful machine. I don't regret this purchase on bit.
  14. That 64 JLH looked great. did you end up buying it?
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