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  1. Thanks for the replies friends. This is a rectangle style bridge not a belly up/down style, funny that all my Gibson acoustics have the rectangle style bridge so I never knew the belly up/down are this way by default - is that the case? I did confirm this with Gibson and got a fast reply , the "original collection" models have the slanted bridge to be period correct. My other guitars are from the "modern collections" hence no slant on the rectangle bridge. Thanks again people
  2. Thanks for the reply This is a new 50's original model.
  3. Hello All, I got a new 50's LG-2 and just noticed that the bridge(not saddle) is slanted/oblique. Higher on low E side and lower on High E side. pic attached Is this part of the bridge design? None of my other Gibson acoustics with rectangle bridge are this way. (J-15, J-35 reissue, L-00 Standard) Thank you for any information
  4. Thank you all for the replies. The SG ended up not mint condition :( such a bummer since it sounded great and felt so comfortable... Wanted her so bad but couldnt look past the discolored paint and scuffs. So this being the situation.. this Thursday ill be getting the LP 50s tribute. Its a 2016 and in a perfectly new condition.. For me an LP with no binding or high gloss is a bit of a turnoff.. but the thing does sound amazing. hope to be enjoying her. Ill post another update and a picture. Thank you friends Maybe someday ill be putting my hands on a nice SG by the way... would you consider an Epiphone G400 pro to be a nice compromise ?
  5. Hello all, I am about to buy one of the two: LP 50s tribute or SG 2013 standard. The SG is 2013 in classic white mint condition and is a standard hence a bit higher grade of finish. The LP is 2016 as new condition' being the 50s tribute (which is great sounding actually) but lower grade of finish, no maple cap and a satin finish. Any input would be great since i'm having a hard time deciding. Sorry if my English is bad, it is not my native language. Thank you so much for your time reading this and or replying.
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