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  1. Good info. It could fool some people without that knowledge & especially being a genuinely older guitar.
  2. No, for sure it isn't Tom's and it looks suspicious to me as well. I thought it was interesting as it has the big block inlays but it looks like someone may have gone to a lot of trouble to fake one as it does look old. Not sure if it's ok to post a link but there are lots of other pics. One very concerning issue is they say they "can't find" a serial #. It does have Gibson Hummingbird label insideand maybe the experts can look it over ..... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/GIBSON-HUMMINGBIRD-VINTAGE-SUNBURST-ACOUSTIC-GUITAR-RARE-MAPLE-NO-RESERVE/202308358005?hash=item2f1a848f75:g:XNcAAOSwoT1a8l~t
  3. Ok funny thing happened while looking at ebay today...
  4. I'll never be rich but there was a time when the only guitar I could afford came out of a bin behind Long & McQuade music store in Vancouver around 1970. I got two of them actually and had to strip the fingerboard from one to put on the other. All said and done I could play a few chords up to the 4th or 5th fret before intonation went way off track. Since I didn't do any barre chords at the time it all worked out fine. Fun times.... :)
  5. Thanks Fred - now I want an L-5 :(
  6. Yup you are almost certainly correct. - fretboard is ebony & the bridge is rosewood. Now I'm wondering which guitar that fretboard was meant to be on......
  7. I didn't know that is called a Cupid's Bow - now I don't have to call it a pointy thing :)
  8. Look at the end of the neck by the sound hole. It has that little point in the middle like my SJ200. Don't think that was ever on a bird. The body binding also looks wider than stock.
  9. One of the pictures on ebay clearly shows inside the soundhole the following "J-45 ADJ" which I am assuming means adjustable (bridge) The tuners do look interesting. Can't see anyone wanting to "upgrade" to them from strip tuners but that's part of the fun and mystery I guess. My deciphering of the serial number makes it look like either 1967 OR 1969.
  10. Again this is excellent input as the J's are new to me, Thanks, Mike
  11. I'm looking at an EBay J-45. Hope it's ok to post a link and ask for opinions on whether I should bid at the minimum..... there are a few issues but are they deal breakers? Not sure if the back is cracked al the way through or just part way. https://www.ebay.ca/...1?ul_noapp=true Thanks, Mike
  12. I have bid on guitar items in the USA ( I'm in Canada) and have confidence in that but I want to know people's experience buying from Japan. Do I have to worry more about counerfeits and/or getting ripped off. Who has taken the plunge and how did it go for you? Mike in Vancouver, BC
  13. Too much even for me with cherry AND wine SJ200's + a cherry Dove, lol
  14. I recently picked up an SJ200 B-Stock for $3000 CDN ($2300 USD) Perfect - no obvious flaws Something to think about.
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