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  1. Hello again. I took the procedure to remove the battery for 15 minutes, but it did not solve the problem (aka, the battery is not the original one). I was able to partially solve the problem by doing the following: I left the system with blue light blinking until the battery was discharged; when recharging the battery the tuning system returned to normal operation, but after a few hours began a problem different from the previous one. When I turn on the system, it has all the functions that work, except for the tuning. I made a new video demonstrating the problem. When I turn the knob on, the blue light flashes once, so all the red lights are left except for D flashing blue. I can verify the charge of the beteria, enter the Calibration Mode and the Setup Mode as you can see in the video I posted on youtube ( ).https://youtu.be/wBXCKhQSQUM
  2. I contacted Tronical's people (who are the makers of the system). They told me that it could be a problem in the body of the guitar. They asked to remove the battery, wait 15 minutes and test again. I did this, but it did not work. According to them I would have to change the CPU. I managed to make it work by letting it blink in blue until the battery was exhausted and recharged normally. It returned to work, but after a while the problem returns.
  3. Yesterday I bought the guitar. I tested it and everything was fine. When I got home and pulled the button, the blue light does not stop flashing. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you https://youtu.be/wBXCKhQSQUM
  4. Ayer compré uma Les Paul Robot. La probé y todo estuvo bien. Cuando llegué en casa y prendi el botón, la luz azul no deja de parpadear. Hice un video que muestra el problema. Alguien me puede ayudar?https://youtu.be/wBXCKhQSQUM
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