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  1. teledan

    NGD ES-330

    Beautiful! I was REALLY tempted to get a 61 VOS in sunburst they had but I ended up going with a 2018 model instead.
  2. Thanks guys! I am head over heels in love with this guitar!
  3. I would imagine some of it depends on the guitar itself as well. Some guitars may prefer wrapped while others would not. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Any thoughts on the Tweed Princeton? Specifically the Mojotone 5F2-A clone?
  5. Also, we do still have a few full service fuel stations here in Utah. But I would rather do it myself to be honest.
  6. Yeah we have self checkout stations in most supermarkets here. I love them when I just need to grab a few items at the store. I can check out much faster if I do it myself it seems.
  7. This beauty: And my wife and kids got me a looper, never had one before so I have been having fun with it. Also, I bought some new skis for my birthday (a couple days before Christmas so I will mention it). I took the whole week off work and spent time with the family, got a sitter for the kids and my wife and I went skiing. It was great.
  8. I believe the old law in oregon did not apply to diesel, only petrol. So diesel vehicle owners could pump their own. Maybe I am a control freak but I wouldn't want someone else pumping fuel into my vehicle. I have an uncle who was passing through oregon in his Dodge Ram (Cummins diesel) pulling his 5th wheel trailer and he stopped at a fuel station to fill up. The attendant came out and started filling up his truck, he finished and my uncle took off down the road. He didn't get very far when his truck started running really rough so he pulled into a shop. They dropped his tank and found that it was full of gasoline! They cleaned it all out and he took the invoice back to the gas station and the manager cut him a check on the spot for the full repair cost. Luckily his truck was fine and still runs great.
  9. teledan


    I don't know, they have always looked strange to me. Like the proportions are just not quite right, sort of like how travel guitars look. To be honest though, I have never seen/played one in person. When I was looking for my ES-330 I thought the size might be a problem but since I got it I have never felt like it was uncomfortable. I am not a big guy either, 5'9" and 160lbs.
  10. Thanks for the responses guys! I finally got my ES-330 and have been having a blast with it through my 94 Twin. I was thinking about selling the amp and getting something else (maybe something a bit smaller) but I think I will keep it around for now. Dave, can you tell me more about your deluxe clone? I have been tempted to try one of the Mojotone Tweed 5E3 kits.
  11. Another shot just for fun I can’t put it down! It plays and sounds so great! And I really like the neck.
  12. Well, I pulled the trigger on a 2018 model! I will let you know what I think of it once it gets here. Thanks for the help guys!
  13. Thanks John! They actually have a 61 reissue for a great price that I have been very tempted to buy but I am not real keen on the bigsby.
  14. Ok after a lot of thinking/researching/playing, I am now leaning towards a 59 reissue as my first choice followed by the 2018. So, does anyone have a 59 ES-330 reissue they are wanting to sell?
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