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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. Alco Flower


    I believe mine are brass. Thanks, AF
  3. Alco Flower


    Good point, okay I look into this stuff. Thanks, AF
  4. Alco Flower


    Okay thanks for your information, I'll start work on this stuff in the next day or so and try to let the forms know how it goes. Thanks, keep rocking, AF
  5. Alco Flower


    Hello all, I have two quick question on knobs, I have two guitars a Gibson 1994 SG special and a 2016 Epiphone G-310. Anyway I'd like to change the knobs on the epiphone to witch-top style knobs. Should the old ones just pull off or is something else required? Second question, on the Gibson some of the top hat knobs are very loose, like if you flip the guitar upside down and shake it some of them would just fall to the ground. Are new knobs needed? Just thought of a third question, pick-up covers. The gibson has no covers can I just buy the set off Gibson's website or do I need to find them elsewhere. Thanks, AF
  6. Thanks for your info. Yeah as of now I use an electronic tuner but I would like to go by ear, I kinda already do...I'll start to tune the strings then play like an E power chord and if it sounds right I leave it etc. Also as far as I can tell I think the "buzz" was the way my hand was placed because I no longer notice it. As far as what strings were on it before I have no clue, I used them for a day or so then cut them off. Even though people keep telling me to do it myself I might have someone do it for me once and have them show me as much as the can, although at the same time I feel like it something I should just do myself. Again thanks for the info, keep rocking, AF
  7. Thanks for the information, I might go to a shop and have them do it but ask if the can give me some points on how to do it myself. Although I'm sure once I start doing it I'll be like "Now why the hell did I ever take this somewhere". Thanks again, Keep Rocking, AF
  8. Did you add pick-up covers? I've got the same year SG special and mine has no covers, but I did consider adding some. If you did add them let me know where you got them from. Keep Rocking. AF
  9. Alright I much appreciate the information given, I will probable give it a try myself. I just need to do a bit more reading/watching. Again thanks for your help. Alco
  10. Tuning is almost always in standard and when I got the guitar (Novmember 2017) I cut the strings on there off and put on Ernieball super slinkys, I play for an hour or two almost ever day. Action...? Intonation...? Thanks for the info, Alco
  11. If this helps you...I have been playing the guitar since last November and hand no problem playing cords or anything, but I do sometimes get a buzz, is it just because I only have been playing a year and maybe my hand is not it the perfect spot or does the guitar need looking into? Thanks for your info. Alco
  12. Gotcha guess I have some deciding what to do...I would love to learn how to do it but I just don't have the know how. I hate to pay someone but I just want to play! Thanks, Alco
  13. As far as I know it was never touched, except the neck crack which was professionally repaired by the previous owner. Other than that I don't know what may or may have not been done. Thanks for the info. Alco
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