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  1. I have the same problem with the standard version, it just will not activate. I've tried different browsers ,different times ,other laptops ,but it wont work .And it seems to be a known problem ,so why can't it be resolved??????
  2. Hello ,I have a problem with this release . i can download it and install it but by the registration process it shows the DVS version .but I only have the Standard version which i have been using for at least three years it is registered on the website of Stanton and i have never had a problem with the updates before .So this is really strange for me. And I am using the 2.6 version to DJ in in the club because the 2.72 version is just too buggy and I thought I would wait for something better . I hope this can be achieved with the 2.73 version .Any ideas why this does'nt work for me ?????? P.S. I use the firefox browser to activate the software ,and i receive a dat code but it only shows DEMO MODE or ACTIVATION FAILED.
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