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  1. 1st off I know it is not an actual Gem series, however I have recently been been told that this guitar is "Rare & Highly Sought After". I purchased this guitar of a great fellow named Phil back in Nov. 2017. My son was looking to learn guitar & I wanted to get him a quality guitar. Of course I chose to buy a Gibson Les Paul. When a Gibson collector asked about a post on one of my old forum blogs (not this forum). He told me it was one of the rarer studios. All I know is it is a '98 Studio Emerald Green, using leftover Paint from the "Gem" Series and allegedly only a very few were produced. My curiosity peaked, so I am seeking any information I can get so why not check here on the GIBSON forum as I will probably get the most accurate authentic information. Thank you in advance for any help in this matter. 😎 See below
  2. I personally dont like the thru body pick up idea (Guess it does some reduce weight)
  3. Check other sources GC & SA Used gear page, Letgo, reverb but there is nothing better than your local guitar shop. They can all be used as references if buying from private sellers. Also unless you 100% sure have it checked out at a shop. rather shell out the fee for that than end up with something you dont like or feel cheated about.
  4. I picked up a 98 Studio Emerald with nickel for my son. From what the interwebs say after they stopped the GEM series they ran out the paint on studios. Ive seen a few gold hardware Ive never seen it with nickel until i found this post. I have to get a picture up
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