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  1. Hi Cougar, Thanks so much for checking out my post! I'm still stunned by the colour. It really is special. As for the fretboard, my first thought was that it looked like ebony as well. I'm just glad my first experience with Epiphone has been good; I'm considering getting the Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus GX somewhere down the line. I appreciate the warm welcome!
  2. I was just reflecting on how grateful I am to have my Les Paul Studio Satin from 2011: The 2018 Studios are cool with the upgraded binding, but I'm really ambivalent towards the new finish and the ridiculous price. I'm glad my Studio has a baked maple fretboard and killer Burstbucker Pros!
  3. Hey folks, I'm a long time lurker around these forums, and for my first post, I just wanted to write a rave review about my brand new Epiphone Texan: In a word, the Texan is incredible! It is my first Epiphone guitar, and my second acoustic-electric. I was looking for dreadnaught guitar to complement my folk-sized 2014 Breedlove Passport OM/MMe. However, I was initially skeptical of Epiphone. I'd tried a Sheraton II and it was unfortunately awkward to play and the tone was poor. Also, a friend of mine sent his Thunderbird IV bass back no less than four times due to persistent issues, including severe fret buzzing. He was eventually satisfied with his replacement Thunderbird. But as is the case buying from any brand, it’s important to be cautious. While I don’t necessarily believe in guitars having some kind innate mysticism or aura by virtue of mythical brand name, I do believe wholeheartedly in a guitar feeling just “right” when you hold it in your hands and strum those first few chords (just as a funny thought, I used to think Epiphone was pronounced “epiphany"). Playing this Texan for the first time at my awesome local music store gave me the feeling that I was reuniting with an old friend.I play mostly solo-acoustic and occasionally jam with a full band, so the Texan is excellent for my purposes. I love that it's a slope shouldered acoustic. It feels very comfortable to play. There are no rough fret ends and, I'm happy to say, absolutely no string buzz. The vintage style tuners are sturdy. Even if they are plastic, they hold their own really well (especially considering that I can strum pretty hard and fast). The wood grain is beautiful. The Texan's tone is resonant and has wonderful sustain, with rustic, loud bass, sweet, clear mid-range, and crisp, articulate treble. Honestly, my photographs cannot fully capture the cherryburst colour gracing the solid spruce top. The finish is actually more like an autumn-burst; it has an amber quality that gently melts into antique orange when under direct light; the overall dusky shading is simply gorgeous. As many other people have previously noted, I can confirm that the nut and bridge are bone. My particular guitar was made in Indonesia (probably the Samick factory, Serial # 16092300177) and I must say that the craftsmanship is completely outstanding! Considerable research (well informed by IRONMAN INC’s awesome YouTube channel) went into choosing my Texan. I paid $880 CAD with hardshell case (it smells like vanilla inside); although that is more expensive than what it sells for in comparable markets such as the United States, in my opinion the price is totally worth it! Just to be clear, the Texan kicks serious *** against any higher end model. I tried the Masterbilt AJ 45E, but wasn’t particularly impressed with the sound, feel, or finish. I was also considering both the Taylor 210e Deluxe in Tobacco Sunburst and the Gibson J-15. The Taylor unfortunately felt too bulky and uncomfortable for me, not to mention that I was really stretching my budget at that price point; the same can be said for the Gibson, including some concerning, horrific craftsmanship-I honestly don’t know how it passed QC! The J-15 simply felt cheaply thrown together, almost “plasticky” for lack of a better term, because there was sloppy glue residue on the spruce top where the neck meets the body, the frets were razor sharp, the strings buzzed, and the nitrocellulose finish had been yellowed around the nut. I felt really disappointed after playing it. So I returned to the Texan. It hasn't let me down, and I can't stop playing it. I’m proud to support Epiphone because they have honest, reasonable prices for quality instruments. That’s what matters at the end of the day, because as the player you want what you play to be reliable; you want it to be expressive; you want to connect with it and have it resonate with listeners. The Texan has all that and more. I’m just so glad to have such a lovely guitar!
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