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  2. That is a stunning Vintage! I wanted to report back. I got a bone saddle made and it is fantastic. I don’t buy into the hyper clarity thing either, but this was very much worth it. It came back with Elixir 80/20s on because my DR Sunbeams broke straight away. Elixirs aren’t my favorite, but it sounds great. I also replaced the silver Grover Rotomatics with the Kluson-style Grover 135n tuners....100% vanity and 200% worth it.
  3. My standard Bird doesn’t have the zing of the Vintage I had to return, but the neck and intonation are way better (the returned Vintage had fretboard issues). The Vintage had a certain clarity that was great on the cowboy chords, but chords higher up the fretboard had a bad chorus effect. I think the extra sauce with the Vintage highlighted the neck and intonation problems with a flawed specimen. I can imagine a good one being magic. That said, why would a bone saddle take away the nectar? I thought bone is one of the things that separated the Vintage from the lesser Birds. I didn’t realize a buff job could work magic. I guess I gave up the search for a Vintage model before finding a good one. Still, the standard Bird I got is phenominal compared to most others I tried.
  4. I thought I preferred the deep rich finish on the TV/Vintage, but I only like it in photos. In person it looks like they forgot some grain filler or accidentally wiped the top with acetone or mineral spirits. Officially it is a satin finish to make it more “vintage.” Unofficially, I didn’t like it at all. I don’t like relic’d guitars. This one didn’t look vintage...it looked like somebody tried to make a new top look old. That’s partially why I gave up on the TV/Vintage.
  5. I gave up on the Vintage models. The "worn" finish is not to my liking. It seems like a bad grain filler job. I also didn't like the grains in the top woods. They had some weird inconsistencies (like knots?) that seemed out of place on a fancy guitar. It didn't help that every 2016 Gibson acoustic I've looked at has been screwed up in some way. I played a 2016 "Figured Mahogany" Hummingbird, and it was OK, but the mahogany on the back was asymmetrical and bad....like they went out of their way to find a bad grain. That guitar was too expensive for what was essentially a standard Hummingbird with an ugly piece of 'hog on the back. I tried a 1993 H'bird, and I really wanted that one to work out...but it was splitting apart literally. It was the nicest of the bunch....except the splitting apart part! I ended up buying a 2014 standard Hummingbird and I'm very happy. The finish is exactly what I wanted. I'm thinking I will switch to a compensated bone nut (instead of Tusq) and bone saddle. The only other change would be from nickel Grover rotomatics to the Klusons. Both the bone and the tuners were things I liked on the Vintage model.
  6. I heard back. Turns out the 2007 H’bird TV doesn’t have an adi top, the checking on the peghead logo real (not a photo or lighting issue), and there might be another issue. How common is finish checking on the logo? I’m not sure I’ve seen that.
  7. I’ve never even seen a Dove in person! Still, I like the scale length of the Bird. I sent a message to the seller of the 2007 True Vintage on eBay. Wanted pics of the headstock and info on the adi top. Probably won’t hear back until tomorrow or Tues.
  8. I’m going to see about an internet guitar. Maybe this one: Ebay bird Or a more standard bird (not sure “figured mahagony” does much for me). Reverb bird Gorgeous guitar, not sure how I feel about Koa or Rosewood Beautiful koa bird Mystic Rosewood bird
  9. There was a snag with the H’bird Vintage. I already returned it. There was a mysterious bulge in the fretboard up where the neck meets the body. My luthier quoted a hundred bucks or so to fix it, but I didn’t want to start off with a very expensive messed up fretboard. I’ve always heard of sloppy fit and finish from Gibson, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it. Or maybe the fretboard started bulging recently...it was a 2017 guitar. It doesn’t show up well in photos. Sorry....
  10. I finally settled on a 2017 Hummingbird Vintage. I’m going to use the 14 day return period to test it out against a few guitars in the local big box stores (H’Bird Standards, J-45, etc). When I bought it I was able to play it next to a SJ-200 Vintage. Both very nice, but the H’bird got my affection.
  11. One gets proficient in skipping past the birds-in-name-only. Hummingbird Pro, Walnut AG, Rosewood AG, Koa, Eric Church, Supreme, Regal, Rosewood, Artist, Quilt Maple, Mystic, Wildfirebird. I’m sure they are all great.
  12. I can’t thank you all enough. This is the info I was hoping to get. I know that I’ve got to play a bunch of guitars to find the one, but I also want to avoid buying a great sounding 20xx model year only to find out that 20xx was the year they did some weird thing and everybody’s bracing fell out and caught fire when they tried to get a pick out of the soundhole or whatever. My experience is with an 80s Nashville era ES-347. Figured maple top, ebony fretboard...stunning and a great player. But the original pickups and wiring are bonkers. It’s not a 335 with a fancy neck. It’s a high output ceramic bruiser stuffed into a 335 body with weird value pots trying to tame it. I guess I’m saying that it’s easy enough to swap out the pickups and harness on an electric, but I want to avoid getting caught up in some similar fad weirdness on a pricey acoustic. The torrefied “Vintage” tops scared me for the same reason...but I’m coming around to the idea. I can spot ocasional QC problems. What scares me are known issues that I don’t know about. I’m saving this thread as a reference. Thanks!
  13. I’ve read various threads about which vintage Birds are best. I’m looking to buy a newer Bird and I’m wondering if there are coveted years and/or certain years to stay away from. I would buy a brand new one, but the new very red bursts are a hard no. I like the subtler bursts from 2017 and before. I’ve seen a 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2017. Everything about thd same these years? Is there a year Bozeman got its act together? Maybe everything from Bozeman is good (save the occasional QC problem)?
  14. Thanks for the info folks. The idea to refinish a new guitar was a wild hair. I just really don’t like the McDonald’s color scheme no matter how vintage it is. It’s tough to play a few h’birds in a row when all we have is Guitar Center and Sam Ash, and GC only has the bright red ones (sorry, they look like clownbirds to me). Sam Ash only has one and it’s older. It sounds OK, but they downplayed my request to put new strings on it. I downplayed their suggestion that I buy it, so it evened out. It’s no longer on sale, so I have less incentive to go back (1 hr away). I have a business trip to NYC in June. Maybe the big Sam Ash will have a decent selection. Looks like much of the former music row in NYC is gone. Where can one go to play multiple h’birds side bu side these days?
  15. I have been looking for just the right Hummingbird, and I couldn’t help but notice three main contenders start to emerge (new or mostly new). There are some classy and subtle cherry sunburst finish, the darker alluring vintage HB finish, and a circus clown red finish. You may have figured out, I’m not buying bright red guitar. It makes me thinks it’s a Ronald McDonald signature series (the red and yellow are blaring). If you’re into h’birds, I suppose flashy works. I can’t do it though. I have a few questions that maybe have an answer somewhere. What drove the change from the subtle heritage cherry burst to bright red fire engine burst? I’ve read many times that the burst paint job was created to hide imperfections. Are the new H’bird Standards just not nice pieces of sitka? Do the older subtlely finished H’Birds sound any better or worse? Would it be insane to have one of the newer birds refinished like one of the other two? That’s crazy talk, right? Is there a standard H’bird with a finish other than red? (Not talking about the Pro)
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