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  1. I have tried scanning various folders to scan for the deckadance VST. The stanton Effector plugin appears but no deckadance. Deckadance is working as a stand along but not as a VST. How can I terminate my licence and get a refund? Huw /Users/huwjones/Desktop/Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 2.08.45 pm.png
  2. Hi, Deckadance is not showing as VST in Ableton, The Stanton Effects unit appears in my vst folder when I scan for them but Deckadance will not appear as a VST. It works stand alone. I registered the standard edition and am running a macbook pro, latest operating system. Is there something I'm missing? When I hopen the Deckadance program content folder there's no sign of a vst file in there either. I got this program yesterday and am super underwelmed and feel like it does not do what was advertised, basically I just want a refund and to terminate my liscence. I have also tried re-installation of deckadance. Huw
  3. I purchased Deckadance today under the impression that it would work as a vst plugin within ableton. It doesnt appear to do so. Maybe older versions did? Either way, I would like a refund for my purchase and to terminate my licence.

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