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  1. Thanks a bunch, I am leaning towards the 2018 standard, all those options sound really appealing to me, plus that mojave finish is insane!!
  2. Are R9s easier to sell? Locally I would never be able to sell any of those 3 guitars lol
  3. Sorry if this is not the right forum, I think it is tho. So, I recently built and sold a house and since I've been wanting to get a proper Les Paul for quite some time I decided to go a head and treat myself to one, problem is I can not decide wich way to go!! Option number one is going the R9 route since it's as close as the real thing as I can get, Looking on reverb I found a couple lemon burst ones I really like and would love to own. Option two is going for a Les Paul standard -either a 2017 at some kind of discount or a 2018- and a used PRS custom 24, this two guitars would go for about the same as the R9 and are also high on my want list, maybe I can squeeze in a fender blues jr or roland AC 120 and still spend about as much I would on an R9 . Some thoughts on the decision: - The R9 is an absolut dream, but I would never take it to a gig so there is that, and I will probably end up getting one some time down the road if not in this occasion. - The LP standard is no doubt my favorite guitar of all time but I heard the quality is not quite as good as in years gone by and that makes me kind of nervous. - The PRS custom 24 is super interesting and would love to have one but I'm in no particular rush to get it, same as with the R9 will end un getting one eventually anyways. What are you thoughts on what should I get? PS. I CAN'T just go out and play them all, I orderd online since the best guitar to be found in any store in my area is a chinese fender LOL PS2. For reference , this are the guitars and amps I currently own: 2013 Gibson Les Paul studio (will install some DR Vintage PUPS in a couple days) 2011 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster 2008 Gibson SG standard 2005 Epiphone les paul custom (with modded 490r/498t pups) 2017 Chapman CAP10 VAC ac4tv Blackstar HTR5 Yamaha THR5 Marshall 100wat valvestate?? Sorry for my bad english and Thanks!
  4. Did the burstbuckers came stock with you LP?
  5. sorry, did not realize the pictures were not uploaded correctly, here they are. Serial No is 00170426
  6. Hi, I came across this LP that the seller claims to be a les paul standard with stock P90s. Could not find standard with P90s for the year the serial numbers says the guitar is made in (2000) , any help ?
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