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  1. If that is so then the pickups are definitely interacting with one another. A possibility might be to add say a 1.2k resistor in series with one or both pickups so they do not negatively affect each other OR Better yet reverse the polarity of one pickup say the bridge pickup and see if that helps
  2. Can you run a simple test for me please? Select both pickups, dial the neck volume back to approx. 8. While strumming Does the Bridge volume work normal all the way up and down? Now dial the bridge back to approx. 8 and turn the volume up and down while strumming and tell me if it works ok now? Let me know please. I am trying to figure what is happening. I suspect one or both pickups are affecting the other.
  3. I just ordered one. I will do some research and get back to you. :)
  4. I love clean Jazz style tones. Admittedly SG’s are not thought of in this area but I put a set of Ken Armstrong vintage PAF style pickups ( Alnico 2 7.5k ohm neck/8k ohm Bridge) D A SET OF DR Pure Blues Nickle wound strings and get the tone I had in my head I wanted
  5. My 2016 Gibson SG's is definitely a thick well made circuit board with nice wide copper traces. The board seems to be .090" thick which is very sturdy. I think they are great as long as you stick to the stock pickups.
  6. Wanted to say hello. I recently joined this forum after purchasing a Gibson SG Special Faded 2016 Model new at a Sweetwater Clearance sale. I am enjoying the guitar and looking forward to possible Future Tech assistance (if needed) and discussion. Gary
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