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  1. Although I may be the world's worst Jazz guitarist, I find myself always looking for a sweet jazz tone for my pop and blues pop music. I Have a 2013 Gibson SGJ that I loaded with Lindy Fralin Big Singles. It has a mahogany body and a maple neck and I just love the clear, defined tones I can squeeze from it. The fact that it has 24 frets that are so easily accessible doesnt hurt either. I was wondering if anybody else here likes an SG for Jazz or Jazz tones. Let's share the love and discuss!

    I love clean Jazz style tones. Admittedly SG’s are not thought of in this area but I put a set of Ken Armstrong vintage PAF style pickups ( Alnico 2 7.5k ohm neck/8k ohm

    Bridge) D A SET OF DR Pure Blues Nickle wound strings and get the tone I had in my head I wanted

  2. The PCB in my LP Studio and SG Special seem to be good stuff. Only time will tell though. The pots still have the Gibson logos, and seem to be about the same pots used as before the PCB. I suppose if a fella were good with a soldering iron, changing parts on the PCB wouldn't be so hard at all...... [huh]


  3. There is no PCB (printed circuit board) inside a Gibson guitar. It's simply an alloy plate with the pots and capacitors on it. Built as a unit for ease of production.


    See here for a Les Paul example. If you can see any printed circuits, let me know.




    My 2016 Gibson SG's is definitely a thick well made circuit board with nice wide copper traces. The board seems to be .090" thick which is very sturdy.

    I think they are great as long as you stick to the stock pickups.

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