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  1. I’ve got a 2019 SG Special in Sparkling Burgandy on lay away. Can’t wait to pick it up. I now see they’re doing a Les Paul Special in TV Yellow too. These guitars were pretty much only available from the custom shop with those vintage specs. No PCBs, stop tail pieces, I like where they’re going! My wallet probably wont though.
  2. My latest flame. 2011 Standard.
  3. My '05 Junior, a real screamer! Cheers, Scott.
  4. The walnut colored one looks great, let us know how you go with it. Cheers, Scott.
  5. The 339 is still being made. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/Memphis/ES-339-2018.aspx
  6. Way back when I used to have a ‘66 ES 330 I ran it into an original blackface Deluxe Reverb. Man that combination sounded good. Why did I sell those?..... Cheers, Scott.
  7. Thanks guys! I was down at a local music store today and they had a Marshall 1958x 18w handwired combo, dragged a 335 off the wall and spent some time getting to know the amp. Might have to look into one of these once I pick up the 339 off layby. Great tones! Cheers, Scott.
  8. I just noticed these on the Gibson site. I want one! I’ve always wanted a ‘56 but I’ve never found one and had the money at the same time. Hand wired electronics and orange drops too. Saves me pulling out the PCB..... Cheers, Scott.
  9. Have you checked what pots are in both guitars? It could be as simple as the 335 has 500k pots and the 339 has 300k. Im not sure what Gibson puts into the 339's with the Memphis tone Curcuit, but Im about to find out. Ive got a 2013 339 on lay away.... Cheers, Scott.
  10. Gday Folks, Late 40's dad getting back into electric guitars after a decade of mainly acoustic playing. Ive owned all the usual suspects before, had Les Pauls, a Vee, an SG, a Firebird V, an original '66 ES-330, a 60's LG-2, a recent J-45... all traded or sold away.... If Id known what I know now! I recently picked up a '08 SG Classic, and just put a deposit on a '13 CS ES-339. Got a couple of Martin acoustics too. Looking forward to chatting to everyone! Cheers, Scott. The SG.... The 339....
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