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  1. Love a telecaster thin line, and the white is super cool!
  2. I'm a hack, so take it for what it's worth, but I like mine (in my J45). Light, sounds good to my ears, I've never had feedback issues - but others who have, have used a feedback buster (rubber plug in the soundhole) and it solves any problems.
  3. Thanks again all. Do many of you ever just play / sing unplugged, no mics for vocals or anything? I don't sing loud enough for that regardless of the guitar.
  4. Very nice - any chance of a bit of a comparison?
  5. Hi all - super naive question i'm sure, but the AJ thread got me wondering and I didn't want to derail that thread. There's quite a few comments about an AJ being overpowering - I know the different guitars will put out different sounds, volumes etc... but couldn't a guitar overpowering a singer (regardless of the guitar) be resolved with mic placement (placing closer to your mouth...)? Sorry if it's really a silly question - but do appreciate any input. Rgds - brfm
  6. To me, this is it. What type of singer are you - loud, full, fill the room type of person... should be able to go toe to toe with the AJ - or maybe a bit more subdued, low key, then the AJ might be too much. I'd get an AJ and Songwriter (believe both are long scale, but different bracing?) and let them duke it out.
  7. Again - very nice Sal. I understand going w/o a p'up, but I feel the strap button is essential. I play standing up mostly (driven by body issues) and not a fan at all of having the strap wrap around the head stock - makes me feel like a troubadour. Regardless - play on my friend, hope to hear some of your magic in the near future.
  8. Didn't know this before, really liked it - seems like it would be a cool song to play with a band.
  9. Rock on man, enjoy it - 'luck to your team.
  10. IMO, it's the long scale that will make it more playable vs the sound of an AJ for you (vs a J45 per se...) unless you're an afficianado like EuroAussie. He listens to the equipment and knows his stuff when evaluating things.. but I'd be willing to say he notices more than 90% of the population. So really, if the long scale fits - give the AJ a go, it's a Gibson, I bet I will sound awesome. Randy Scruggs plays an AJ, and he's got some awesome clips out there on youtube ...if you have a hankerin to hear an AJ used well. Now I want an AJ - freakin' GAS.
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