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  1. How much to ship it via USPS fully insured? I believe fed ex quoted me $280 to ship my guitar from Boston to Bozeman insured for replacement value.
  2. Gotta agree with that. Then finding new songs that will get the same response seems to be the trick...
  3. Excited to hear about the '34 Jumbo from the custom shop, love to get a chance to try one of those out and see if my GAS is warranted (1 3/4 neck I believe (which I want), but not sure on the neck shape, I think it might be a V shape and not sure how I'll feel about that). The comment on focusing on playability via slimmer necks in the modern collection is not a direction I'm excited to go... Thanks for posting BK!
  4. I feel this is playing to be an artist vs what I feel Notes is referring to which is playing to be a performer, IMO (neither better, but different paths). Good points Notes on how to be a successful performer. I feel nirvana though is when you get an audience that come wanting to hear what you want to play (own originals etc... )
  5. Hey Sal - my 2 cents, if they don't visually have anything wrong with them, I'd keep them, but if you look at them and can tell something got on them I would change them. If you do change them, I would order new mangan strings, because you'll feel better about it - and just thinking out loud, if you don't use the martins, you can just send them up to me and I'll take them off your hands 🙂
  6. Best of luck, thoughts of good luck coming your way. Weird, odd, devastating weather things these days.
  7. Hey KB - Don't you also have a Epi Sheraton Pro? If so - any chance for a little compare and contrast?
  8. I'm not familiar with the song, liked it though - good stuff!
  9. Nice LP, very cool sample clip!
  10. Karloff - what type of situation are you looking for (why do you want multi tracks I.e. Recording of yourself, or with people. If yourself, probably a mic and a guitar, or maybe 2 or just 1 mic? ) I see 2 parts to the equation, the HW you use to plug things into and the SW (DAW) you use to edit and mix tracks. For HW inputs, I have a presonus VSL44, allows for 4 inputs (what I wanted, but have never used more than 2 at once...) and SW is presonus as well (StudioOne), good but there's a learning curve. I think if you have an apple and can do garage band for SW it's hand's down the easiest to get a decent sound pretty quick. Good luck!
  11. Digger, just echoing we're all sending thoughts and prayers your way.
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