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  1. Very nice - appreciate the demo. Feel the strings sound good on it.
  2. That's a nice to do list... looking forward to upcoming NGDs 🙂
  3. Wow, that's super sweet!
  4. So I've been thinking about this Tom, and the individual demos are more than impressive, but only part of the story - I think we need to better understand how these instruments fit within a mix. If you ever get a hankerin' you should assemble a cast of your blue grass cohorts for a day or two and replicate the lead and rhythm demos for a few (as many as possible) of your guitars. ...in the name of science 🙂. Keep all the other instruments the same, just swap out guitars.
  5. call me a homer, but I liked the '62 hummingbird best for both lead and rhythm... although there's not any i'd kick out of bed for eating cookies. I don't believe I saw any maple in there did I?
  6. Thanks Jinder - appreciate the reply! ...and the stuff I learn, if it crosses your mind, let us know how you make out with changing the pins and the resonant node.
  7. Sad news, those folks brought a lot of fun times to my life.
  8. I know it was for 62B, but hope you don't mind - listened to it myself. Nice sounding guitar!
  9. Hey Jinder - all this maple activity had me wondering how the maple AJ has integrated into your playing life. Is it in your regular line up of guitars you use when you gig out, or are there specific occasions you use for it... and are you still smitten? Call me 'maple curious' 🙂
  10. That's cool, would love to see her live... her and the civil wars, but I think they broke up.
  11. yep... for the record, here's the first thing i'm looking to try to piece together. Joy by Lucinda Williams. ...love a little L. Williams in the morning 😉
  12. New looper pedal day - Digitech Jamman Stereo! Time to loop to my hearts delight. Dedicated start stop buttons, rhythm guide and the right price... good for me!
  13. I regret missing SRV when he came to my University in the late 80s... and not being in a band when i was younger.
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