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  1. ah yes, thank you. I'm more inclined to try the truss rod adjustment than shimming the saddle, will check out you tube - and do some mulling.
  2. Well, I have 0 warning points and 'neutral' reputation, talk about feeling vanilla.
  3. Again, thank you all for the replies. I think Jedzep and QMJJ have it right, the guitar is probably set up too close to tolerance. I'll tweak the truss rod to see if I can get what I need - if not I've got a friend who recommended a luthier I'll give a try.
  4. I thought I was noticing the opposite, will have to pay a little more attention (and thank you all for the replies).
  5. Yes - this seems to be the first big reason to keep it in a case. I do keep the room humidified so typically stay in the safe range (40 - 60), but it seems like changes to the extreme even in range effects it.
  6. Hey all - is it possible for changes in humidity to have a day to day impact on a guitar? What I believe I'm noticing is the neck straightens out on dryer days (35 - 40% humidity) - and then bows on more humid days (60 - 70 %). What got me thinking this is some days I notice just barely a little fret buzz on the upper frets 8th to 10th frets or so - but then other days it's as beautiful as it should be, and although I had not done any formal tracking it seems to correspond with the humidity. Does that make sense at all, or should I just chalk it up to another senior moment? Rgds - billroy
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