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  1. Sorry, I'm not knowledgeable on Gibson acoustic amps - for my education - what would you consider to be an equivalent to the Domino 3 in your opinion?
  2. Q: If you have a baby, and they argue about going down for a nap, are they guilty of resisting arrest? Q: What did the 0 say to the 8 ? A: Nice belt. Comment: Just ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon - I'll let you know... (do you get it?) Oldie: Judge was questioning a women who beat her husband with his guitars. The judge asked 'first offender'? The women replied, 'no first a Gibson, then a Fender.' Q: What did the ladder braced guitar say to x braced guitar? A: Newbie Anybody else got any dad jokes?
  3. Been a bit, gotta figure you made it to Toronto, how's the tour d'N America going and what are some recent hi-lights? (No pressure, but I'm living vicariously through you and really hoping for a great trip!)
  4. Tried them before, but just wasn't able to partner with them. Some folks work magic with them though. Sounds like the elixer nano's are the front runner! I agree science says things shouldn't change, and science should be right, but when I pick the guitar up after awhile, the strings don't typically sound bright and chippy. Maybe just the everyday expansion and contraction due to humidity changes is enough to effect them.
  5. Awesome pic - which are you? (PS - Go mullets, I remember my first encounter - probably about 8 yrs old, playing soccer and a kid on the other team had one. After the game I was like, 'Mom - did you see that, that's how I want my hair to be!' as I was out in the sun and my neck started to burn.... There's got to be a picture somewhere you could post. What did the cover of your record look like - would love to see it?
  6. I don't know DH, I know it's not your style - but after 20 years of riffing on a couch - I'd pay for someone to ask me to play my guitar for 2 hours w/o singing. I usually get sent into another room 🙂
  7. I've got 2, pretty weak compared to what I've read above - but they were milestones of sort for me. 1) About a year ago, after about 20 yrs of noodling on the guitar, I plugged into an amp (Bose S1 🙂 ) and sang a song for my wife. The look of amazement (in a good way) was priceless (it truly was - I could tell I amazed her). Stepped over from producing elevator music to songs on that day. 2) My 3rd open mic, for my 3rd song (following 2 good toe tappers that got the place interested) I played an original. Supposed to be a defiant-ish song 'you got in my face, well I'm going to push back' type song. Played the song, it had a couple points that it gets a little zealous (felt I was pushing hard, then I thought well I'm into it - go with it!). The song ends with a couple powerful strums and abruptly stops. The place is silent (I'm thinking like 'oh sht - bit the big one on this) but after what seemed like a lifetime, the place erupted. Maybe they were just happy it was over, but I'm believing it's because I connected with a few. Good stuff - b.
  8. Love the Blues King! Sunrise sounds good, I caught a bit of murph though, and becoming partial to just mic'ing things - no pick ups.
  9. billroy


    Nice, little things are good things!
  10. Awesome Jinder, great news - best wishes for the reliability you're hoping for!
  11. billroy


    She's a good girl, loves her momma, loves cheese its, and America too.
  12. Nice Buc. Is this a different guitar, the burst looks darker than I remember.
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