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  1. woulda shoulda coulda... I thought this through and wanting to help out, have provided a go forward roadmap for the OP. *soundhole pickup... it will last 1 mo, I recommend skipping this step, but doubt you will, (dean markely will get the job done, sunrise would be really nice.) *K&K... requires end pin jack, but so be it, it is where you will end up.... get a fire eye red eye pre amp as well *Tone dexter + Edwina mic... down the road just a little bit, but once your happy with the K&K, but then you realize you can get even closer to amplified acoustic nirvana (and it would give you the edwina mic for those times you do / can go acoustic only). (BK - I'm planning the edwina to be used with the K&K to build the wavemap, any reason this is wrong?) 'welcome.
  2. There's really only one way to know, and it would be a service to all of us if you took that step to help clear it up.
  3. and what do you think you'd find when you pulled the pickguard... bare wood? Seems nice, no cracks never been repaired - but yes the PG needs to be addressed.
  4. I ultimately put a K&K pick up in, but you do have to drill the end pin jack. Before I did that, to see if I liked using a pickup - I got a dean markely soundhole pick up. A bit quacky, but you can address that with the tone / bass controls on the S1. If you dont want to drill the end pin, there's quite a few good soundhole pick ups, but I didn't like leaving it in all the time.
  5. Found the same with a similar set up, you did have to run the SM57 mic pretty close to the guitar but you can do it. I recommend recording yourself with the recording device somewhere in the proximity where you feel the audience will be. In smaller places anyways, they hear what's coming out of the amp and your guitar, and the balance between the two was not what I expected.
  6. They're all holding each other up for support.
  7. billroy


    Wanted to thank everyone again for the input, here's what I've got going on so far (early days, but a good start). My hoped for goal is that when I sing, I'm confident I'm on key. The exercises I have started are: using a guitar tuner (first playing the notes on guitar), then matching the notes with my voice (I can almost reach the full range of low e to high e, almost, and not good either, lots of opportunity) practicing 'take me out to the ball game' and 'star spangled banner'... (ssb is a better exercise, tougher range) very humbling and big misses are obvious but I'm still developing an ear to hear all the misses. Some of it beyond my range, avoiding those at the moment on deck - PBs drone exercise. -------- I expect these to evolve, but feel these are good building blocks to start with. Again thinking if I can get my arms around these, it will help me progress down the path of singing with confidence that I am on key. If anyone thinks i'm off base or suggestions to augment i'm all ears. rgds...
  8. Nice song, nice guitar. For my education - what are the characteristics I should be listening for that is highlighted by the maple body?
  9. you lookin, have one, or just talking out loud? I thought wildwood guitars had a couple posted, check their site if your looking.
  10. Sounds good to me, interesting you just flip it and keep the light strings on top... sheer craziness. The overall impression I've developed of these (w/o actually having tried one) is they're good sounding instruments (and again yours sounded good here), but need a heightened level of care at least in humidity mgt and I'm a little (happily) surprised no one was concerned with mediums. None of this is scientific just my thoughts. Good luck with it.
  11. Looks nice, looks loud 🙂 Getting more serious about guitars in my senior years, I've missed out the whole 'playing at band volume' thing - but gotta bet that's where the fun has to be mixing and matching guitars, pickups and cabinets... what's your favorite guitar to play through it?
  12. Thumbs up from me, good stuff! (On the lighter side, if you want to get rid of your J200, I'd help you out, no mailing req'd.)
  13. billroy


    skabee boop boop bop... too late.
  14. billroy


    Think I'll start with 'take me out to the ballgame' - sounds horrible at the moment, but I think fits the bill as a good practice song at least to start with. The tip makes sense, I appreciate it. I'm playing it n the key of D at the moment (just because its the version I learned), might have to change that.
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