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  1. Wow, a twist ending! Hope it works out, nice that it's built relatively local. If you get an inckling, I'd look forward to a review after you get a little time under your belt.
  2. hi all - I have a fender blues jr I bought new around '98 or so. It's been sitting dormant the last few years, but have just started picking up the electric again. I don't have any issues with it - but I have never done anything maintenance wise with it and was wondering if I don't have any issues, should I just leave good enough alone? Or if there were things that should be done, is it stuff I should be able to do or is it more of a 'take it to a tech' thing? appreciate anyone's opinions on that.
  3. It was Marcus King that got me here, but Freddie King rocks as well... all the King boy's rock actually - Albert King (but he plays a flying V... which is just plain cool).
  4. So after a little playing time under your belt, do you have a review... still smitten :)?
  5. Lol - was out for a walk and thought to myself 'geeze - no ones going to reply to this' understanding there's more of a country, blugrass, americana vibe here than rock... so I figured I'd take this opportunity to talk a little more about it. what I liked about this is (1) it's a song that I remember cruising around to with a bunch of friends in my folks station wagon... plain old good times (2) it's an acoustic recreation of a traditionally electric song, done well IMO. Tie them together and you get something that's pretty cool. Wife didn't appreciate it though.
  6. Thank you all - GAS is funny thing, it can strike in many ways :). My intent was to get a decent hollow body / semi hollow body player for as little $$s as possible, which lead me to the Epi Dot. Brad1 thx for the shout out - keeps me confident in this path, but geeze for just a little more I can get the up scaled appointments of the Sheraton pro Ii - that would be nice. and Mr 4356 builds a good argument for the Gretsch. I believe it's a 5622 I've had my eye on at GC... There's an Epi Dot less than an hour from here for $300... was hoping to stay at $200, but maybe can get him down to $250 :0 But then there's that GC with those Gretsch.
  7. billroy

    Music Room

    ... and you should start with a review of your current player. what is it, what's unique about it, what makes it special to you. Then give a little clip to hear what it sounds like. Just in case you needed help on where to start 🙂
  8. 'luck to you with the pipe. seems giving up things gets harder the older I get... and nicotine has lots of folks by the short hairs. ...and per your comment 'P90s sound different depending upon the thickness of the wood they're mounted in. I'll bet they sound great in a Les Paul with the carved tops. ' with what you just been through, I think you owe it to yourself to find out in person 🙂
  9. here's a blast from the past, done acoustic style... billy squier bluesing up his own song. Caught me by surprise (in a good way), figured I'd share. The video is just different guitars, a few gibby's in there - right at :43 something that looks like a nice old southern jumbo with some f hole action... but the f holes have p'ups which surprised me. Hope you enjoy 😉
  10. Thanks Ray - I'm not married to full hollow body... want slimmer than my acoustic, but not so rock star as my sg. Will keep an eye out for the Sheraton Pro II appreciate the lead 🙂 PS - I know this is an epi forum, but just in case my scratcher hits, any recommendations on a hollow / semi hollow body gibby? Same thing, good ol bluesy playing with maybe a little detour down rock a billy lane on occasion...
  11. Hi all... listening to some Marcus King has got me wanting a hollowbody. Would like a gibby 335, but wanting to jump now instead of saving forever and a day - was looking at the epi dots. I'm going to go see what I can play, but it's that vs. maybe a gretsch something or other. Epi dot's look like I could get one used for for $300, could go up to $600. Hoping for a cool hollow body to play bluesy, med- rock bluesy stuff on, any recommendations. Should I be concerned with feedback on either? Thanks to all for any input.
  12. Thanks all - is there any concern getting a modern (current day) LP that has this switching capability, if my intent is to get the classic LP humbucker sound?
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