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  1. That was cool, I like Mean Mary - but when it comes to female banjo players - I really like Eliza Doyle
  2. SRV - Mary Had a Little Lamb. + pretty much everything listed above.
  3. Thank you Dave. Yes I saw they had the ones to use as a kick starter, but not until I was reading the literature on what I ordered. I figured what i have can only move it in a positive direction, so going to give it a couple weeks with these and then check them. If they wear out quick, I'll consider trying the kick starters. My angst is not playing my J45 for a few weeks while I let things adjust. I've got other instruments, but none as nice as my gibby 🙂
  4. Hi everyone - I just wanted to report back where I landed on this... The buzzing has gone away without doing anything, but it leads me to believe the weather changes have been having a bigger effect on the guitar than I wanted. I had been trying to manage the humidity in the room I keep the guitar, but I wasn't doing a great job at it. So I've settled on casing the instrument at night and using the d'Addario humidipaks in the case to keep the humidity stable in the 45 - 50% range. I just received the packs yesterday so expect it will take a little bit for things to stabilize, but once it does stabilize, I'm hoping it eliminates (or at least minimizes) changes due to climate so the whole adjust the truss rod, change shims on the bridge etc... stops being a thing of concern. Interesting, question about truss rod adjustments leads me to humidity control - good input here.
  5. Thanks guys, love the VW bus'... seems like ZW actually lived the life. My wife just had to get a new car, and the cost to get something that would fit 3 boys and 2 dogs had us looking at old VW bus' and seeing if we could restore one. We didn't go that direction, but kind of wish we did. Here's a picture of a set up from a local musician that drives a bus. Just plain cool
  6. Thanks EM7, i've contacted the moderators. Either way not a huge deal, but it did have good info. And yes my avatar is a little scrap wood art, and I carved out the semblance of a VW bus. It was in oak... oak is not super easy to work with in a carving manner but it's a fun little bus.
  7. hey folks, looks like i accidently deleted my thread on luthiners / truss rods etc... i guess that's what that button does. It's too bad I was appreciating the input. Regardless - sorry about that, and thanks to all who contributed. Freakin' buttons. uncle fester
  8. just came back to specifically watch the video a third time. they did the song justice - they did.
  9. This being the just got in from a gig thread - thought i'd note I just got in from a gig... my own style gig. I set up outside, amp, mic, and played full volume to the chickens. No complaints, they all came to my end of the pen, sat on the fence and swayed back and forth. One had a lighter going. Anyone else got a gig to talk about?
  10. regardless of good, better, best - nice collection!
  11. That could've been me, sorry. I've figured out how to work the volume part of an amp, just the playing guitar part is stumping. Oh well, go with what you know... volume.
  12. Rock on KB - good luck with the gigs!
  13. Glad to hear things are opening up for you MP. I don't know what's going to go on wiht this delta variant, but I sure am ready for things to open up. Lots of breweries and restaurants with live music (mostly single acoustic stuff) I hope we get things back under control and keep seeing more music opportunities.
  14. PS - I'm not dissing solo acoustic stuff, it's all I do, but I do like a full band!
  15. Was sitting outside Saturday early afternoon... and somewhere in the distance could hear a band set up. They got going on the typical dinosaur rock type of stuff - full band, none of this solo acoustic type stuff, cool to hear. So I got me to enjoy a nice outdoor gig. Was a nice way to spend the evening - hope music is coming back for all of you.
  16. I started thinking the J45 was the way to go, but reading 62burst's input - I'm aching for you to get the 185 and report back how you make out with it.
  17. I think that sums it up well... the beater kind of bums me out and makes me wish I was playing the other. I do like the rain song idea, have to go check them out Before the pool question started, this was the direction I was headed just to have a second guitar left in alternate tunings. Maybe will still go this direction.
  18. Thanks both of you, good ideas - makes sense. Maybe i'll check out a rainsong... never looked in that direction before
  19. Looking good Rabs - looking forward to seeing that spalted london plane finished up. What type of finish will you put on it?
  20. We got a little salt water swimming pool last year. I've been super cautious about making sure I'm dry / changed out of my bathing suit before picking up the J45 to make sure I don't cause any issues with the finish.... but this gets to be a drag on those long hot days lounging by the pool. Am I being over cautious or just doing what I should to avoid damaging the finish on the guitar? Thanks all for any input.
  21. A few of my favorites: Count my blessings: RWH Rosemary: Sierra Ferrell I am the walrus: Beatles
  22. I got my J45 about 3 years ago, had a Guild D25 for the 20 yrs prior and loved it... but after a couple of years of playing the J45 and really starting to appreciate it, the D25 just feels lifeless. Was never sure i'd develop an ear for the differences, but there it is. Grabbing the Gibson makes me want to play more, grabbing the D25 makes me want to grab the J45. 'There's life in that J45 I say I say!' Guess I'd probably feel that way about many of the nicer guitars out there, but the one I have is my J45 and I'm digging it. Just thinking out loud....
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