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  1. That is a case of iconasm if I ever heard of one!
  2. Very cool, nice looking guitar!
  3. Supposed to hit 80 degrees today so going to give '1 million ways to die... a go'. I don't think it will be the big cinematic experience I was shooting for, but just watched the trailer and looks freakin' funny.
  4. Ah Jinder - You got a good one, paying that much attention. Mine will pick between instrument types... play the banjo, play the cigar box, play the acoustic... but beyond that they're all the same to her. BK - I do wonder what type of fingerpicking magic you could do on an electric, I'm pretty sure it would still be phenomenal. I love my acoustics, but seems to be less stress at least on the fretting had for an electric and that drives me in that direction every once in awhile.
  5. I heard the Bosstones are supposed to be playing live in Fenway park (the red sox stadium)... to an empty stadium for some sort of live broadcast over the weekend.
  6. Very cool, I love a happy ending - congrats!!!
  7. Makes sense when you think about it... pretty funny when you don't
  8. Is there a rule of thumb folks go by on how long they use a strap for. Case by case, don't need to change them... Newbie question I know - but do appreciate any input.
  9. Lol - well thought out plan. Good idea on decay guitar!
  10. Congrats Kelly, very cool!
  11. Pretty funny BK - guess I gotta get a bass guitar, just in case.
  12. It's seeing Billy play with other people I like the best. Not sure how long for festivals to start happening again, but at least some things are starting to loosen up. Here's to some good shows in the future!
  13. These have been spoken of highly in the lounge, pretty nice looking IMO and very affordable. https://walkerandwilliams.com/
  14. Watched Happy Gilmore over the weekend, projected it on the barn Saturday night.... covid quarantine in style. FWIW - We're looking for ideas of movies that would be cool on the big screen (i.e. star wars, black panther.... ) any input? I wanted to do the last waltze, probably for a late night showing with the friends
  15. Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits... just watching knopfler and clapton playing on you tube, sweeeeet
  16. It's a welcome place to check in, some good people here!
  17. Would love the opportunity to try one. I believe it's got a 1 3/4 nut - which I've been hankerin for, but the neck profile has me concerned enough where this one would have to be played first before I would consider buying it.
  18. Had neighbors over for a socially distanced campfire last night, and movie projected on the side of the barn. They entertained me and let me play a couple songs while waiting for it to get dark... that's kind of an audience. Starting to see signs of life.
  19. I'll add Samantha Fish to this list.
  20. Very cool Sal, liking it!
  21. Nice Lars, last one was good, this one is better! Keep at it.
  22. Fine job PB! Is this done with the new music room set up, and if so - how you liking it?
  23. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go for the 44... subtle differences, i appreciate the comparison.
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