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  1. hi I already use the hardware midi signals.. Working alone I like more automation and then will have a setup for audio and GFX. Working with other DJ's / Musicians doing GFX i may not even be in the same room or know what software they may bring. For me named OSC data and most software I use handles that
  2. Hi Are there any plans for midi/osc output for data generated within Deckadance for external Graphics software like Quartz Composer or other 3rd party graphics generating software. eg. BPM, track position, song name etc... that can't be gathered from the Mixer Midi output. OSC would allow networking and $strings for song data
  3. HI would anyone happen to have a midi map for a Pioneer DJM S9 mixer? (Now obtained) and anyone managed to get the VU meter lit up on DJ Tech DJM-101? Cloned examples from other script changing channels and values but nothing has worked I have the Play - pause LED working on the CDJ-101 but when I add the CUE LED the Play - pause LED stops work and Cue LED doesn't go out. The pitch sliders seem to Jitter so omitted from posted script above
  4. Just ran this off on the midi learn.. Midi channels 1-4 and playlist selection on all 4 decks and load... pitch slider not working and no loopback DJ Tech CDJ-101 CDJ-101.c.zip
  5. They're nice and solid... I use mine with Resolume arena but different jobs need different tools. Like the Korg Nano controllers. I was asked to do some quartz composer patches for serato and Mix Emergency. So have a feeling I'll be asking questions elsewhere in the forum for DD when that gets to my TODO list so know how you feel. Got asked to learn Python last week too LoL
  6. HI I'm more VJ than DJ and owned CDJ-101 for a while.. (I know it's 7 years old but works) As DD came with it I got another and the DJM-101 as I was asked to do some DJ'ing. I thought they would continue to be compatible. Has anyone done the scripts for them DJ-tech CDJ-101 and DJM-101 ? I may try myself at some point but really busy with Quartz Composer and other work :(
  7. HI I bought a DJ-tech CDJ which came with Deckadance haven't used it for a while but seems not to be loading (Mac OSX).. I says it has loaded but now windows I downloaded Deckadance from your website and guess it picked up from my licence from my old installation. Thinking about moving the software to a windows machine and can't find my registration card is it possible to recover my registration ?
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