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  1. Could I expect to get $600 or better for it?
  2. I have a 1948 lg1 that the bracing has failed in. Luthier said "a couple hundred bucks" to reglue. Needs tuners too. How much, if I were to sell this to finance other things, do you think I could get for it? Luthier said he'd be interested because of its age (his oldest is a 52). What's a good/bad offer.
  3. Thanks for your assistance. It's awesome having them. I may need a pro to fix up the LG-1. It's the one I really like. Maybe I can trade the LG-0 for his services. Or, maybe I keep both....We'll see. Thx
  4. Thank you for reply Jim. I failed to mention the headstock is block print (learned about that last night). That puts it around '48 or later if I am correct. Great place to research further. Thanks for the link. I replaced the LG-0 bridge. I fear it needs a neck reset. The LG-1 is an old girl that needs some tlc. Can't wait to get her to playability. Tom
  5. Someone knew I was a guitar geek and gave me 2 old LG'so that hung on grand mother's wall for decades. Turns out they are Gibson LG's. Lucky me. The LG-0 had a plastic bridge that was pulling up badly. The LG-1 has glue failure on the internal bracing. Awesome projects for a finish carpenter like me. The LG-1 has #s on the interior neck block 2648, then 2 numbers may be blocked out, same ink, then 13 written in red pen The LG-0 is on headstock 423058. I have been searching and am more confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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