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  1. Ok, so I have probably spent 6 trips in guitar center trying to find my tone and I think I finally found it. To start off, I have a Les Paul Studio Plus (desertburst) loaded with active EMG's. I first got a Bogner Alchemist with the matching cab. However, the crunch channel was weak and the more gainy channel was incredibly one dimensional and kinda dull, and MAN was it noisy! Feedback and hiss galore. I took it back and bought a Mesa Dual Rectifier with the Mesa 2X12 rectocab loaded with V30's. This thing had even WORSE hiss and feedback, and though it had many sounds to it, I felt that the vintage and raw channels on both the Lead and Crunch channels were basically useless. Plus, I couldnt get the clean channel loud at all w/o it breaking up. I then traded that for an Egnator Tourmaster 4100 but kept the Mesa cab, but the distortion was not thick at all on the amp. At least it was quiet. Finally, I tried a used Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100 collecting dust in the corner of the store and I fell in love immediately. It has such a warm and thick load channel, and the crunch channel can even melt your face off. the clean is warm and beautiful can get LOUD before breaking up. REALLY loud at that. And it sounds great with my CE-5. I took it home and plugged it into the rectocab and I think I finally found my setup :D Solos are so warm and organic and, man, just beautiful. I'm gonna change the tubes real soon on it though.
  2. My moms side of the family has deep deep roots in Germany and I've always wanted to go (plus I hear the beer is excellent as you say). My grandmother actually got here to America because she saved the life of an American Soldier during WWII by convincing a German Officer to spare his life. Somehow the soldier got in contact with my mom after the war and payed to bring her over to America. The crazy thing is, she didnt tell anyone about her life during WWII until she was on her deathbed. Really sad :o
  3. So for the last two weeks I have been asking questions on this site about tube amps without ever having played one myself... Well, I got back from college a few days ago and headed straight for guitar center and tried out quite a bit of their tube amps. Im pretty sure I'm gonna go ahead and pull the trigger on the Bogner Alchemist. It has the tone I'm looking for (a bit heavy on the mids but hey, I'm into that sort of thing) and the cleans arent QUITE as some fender cleans i have heard over the years but man, is it ever dang close, but the gain/distortion on it just about seals the deal on it for me. I'll probably get some sort of chorus pedal as I like to throw those into my cleans. The built in effects, delay and reverb, arent the best but they would certainly due just fine in a live situation, which is going to be the main purpose of this amp. Sure, its gonna cost a bit more money that what i wanted to spend originally (1200ish) but as a DJ for 4 years, I can safely say that these days, you get what you pay for. Oh and I'm getting the head and cabinet incase anyone was wondering
  4. I like doing this with people: Me: Knock knock? Him: Whos there? Me: Wait i messed up, you start it this time. Him: Uh, knock knock..? Me: Whos there? Him: uhhhh...
  5. Which haze version do you guys predict will be best suited for what I'm lookin for, the 15 watt head + 1X12 cabinet or the 14 watt combo? Mind you, what I'm looking for is for it to be gig-able (small venues and outdoor parks) The half stack (15 watt one) doesnt have an effects loop which is annoying but if the combo is the louder of the two then id probably want that
  6. I hate american idol but im watching it next week
  7. Far Cry - Rush (It is on the Snakes and Arrows album, and Neil Peart is the name of the drummer) double whammy!
  8. I know that those things are built like tanks but i have never seen a mesa boogie amp in my life, simply because i have no idea where the hell id go if i even wanted to try one There isnt a single music store around me that carries them But like I was saying, what u guys think about the Peavey Valveking Half Stack? 900 bucks, seems like a sweet deal, and all the power ill ever need :D I think I will prob end up goin with that haze amp though
  9. I have heard absolutely nothing but bad things about Bugera. Esp on Harmony Central, they use the name Bugera to refer to any shitty amp but apparently when it comes to reliability the amps are absolutely horrible. What do you guys think about the Peavey Valveking Half Stack?
  10. HA Ya'lls cars are sissy cars I present to you my first car, forged by gods
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