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  1. Hi everyone, Have recently purchased what I think is a breathtaking guitar that sounds absolutely spot on through a Vox amp. An Epiphone 5102T. I've done a bit of research on these, but it turns out not much information exists. I've even contacted the guys at Gibson, who only had a bit of info from their archives, which is a description of the guitar and original price etc. I've found out these were only made between 1970 and 1975. They were some of the last guitars made in the USA before being imported from Japan by Gibson with the Epiphone brand at that time. (check the picture of the Kalamazoo sticker below). And unless I'm blind, I don't think was played by anyone of note. My questions for you lovely people are the following: 1. Do you know anything about these beautiful guitars? 2. How can I clean the chrome finish to make this shine like brand new? 3. Does anyone here own one of these? Pictures!
  2. Hi all, Long time appreciator of Gibson and Epiphone guitars. First time owner as of this week. Bought myself a 1971 Epiphone 5102T. Absolutely breathtaking guitar. I'm an IT Technician in my day job; but have always loved music. Living near Cardiff in the UK. Getting really back into music for the first time in a good few years, and now I'm an owner of a beautiful guitar in the Gibson family I thought I might join a forum to learn more about this and other guitars and talk shop so to speak. So that's me! Glad to be here.
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