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  1. Its an early release 2020 model 339, MusicZoo seems to be one of the few stores that have them, possibly a limited pre-production release. Its in NY, the UPS label has been created, I was surprised to get it with free shipping to Hawaii, most online stores don't include Hawaii in their free online shipping plan.. The wait begins......... The MusicZoo also has some early release Epi 335's and a few more 399's in stock.
  2. I failed horribly, the New, old original headstock got me..
  3. I have been torpedoed by the GAS U-Boat.
  4. Epiphone USA Casino and more coming..... The USA Casino ready to order at American Music Supply for $2699.00 ...... Expected Jan 12 2021. and the Exclusive run Epiphone ES335 for $549 at American Music.... Expected Dec 10 2020. New Style Headstock at MusicZoo Epiphone ES335 in-stock for $549 Vintage Sunburst. New Style Headstock in MusicZoo New Arrivals Epiphone ES339 in-stock for $499.
  5. Lurking in the depths like a U-Boat.
  6. I miss my extra wide leather Gibson bass straps that I used on my guitars.. But leather doesn't do well in my current climate..
  7. mihcmac


    Now that a little more time has gone by, how are you liking it?
  8. Possibly averted, but most likely just submerged.
  9. The Bogen's were adequate, we stuck them where ever the cable lengths would allow. We did have 2 of them plus a few amps and cabinets made at our local Gretsch factory.
  10. mihcmac

    Amp help

    I love my old Cubes, I started carrying one about 15 years ago to help me get more practice time in. Then found other situations where they were quite useful and added to them until I got to 6 where I reached small club volume. Now I have them strapped together in sets of 2 using Y adaptors to interconnect them. When I join in with a drum circle 1 is usually sufficient, but on a beach with loud crashing waves 2 works better. Also the effects (chorus, flange, phase, tremolo with separate delay or reverb) are tasteful, including 6 amp models from acoustic to rectifier plus a mic setting.
  11. mihcmac

    Amp help

    Hmm. At the power level you refer to at the beginning, you may want to consider a good portable battery powered amp that you could easily carry on your New Car adventures. I carried Roland Cubes and set them in the back hatch enabling me to play anywhere. The Rolands are old tech now, they do have upgraded versions, but I'm sure there are quite a few new incredible sounding battery powered amps. One important feature to consider is how long they will play on battery, my Micro Cubes use 6 AA batteries and could play up to 20hrs.
  12. That was old tech even in 71, a Bogen PA cabinet with six 8" speakers. A mixture old and new equipment was the norm for us, as I remember the Bogen cabs didn't hold up for long.
  13. Yep, a place called Papago Park, a very large park with a few ponds and a Zoo.
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