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Currently All P-90 powered: Artic White Epiphone 61 Reissue SG Special, Epiphone Les Paul Junior DC, Epiphone Blueshawk, DIY Explorer, Epiphone 56 Les Paul Standard Pro, Custom Thinline Tele, Epiphone G-400, Ibanez RG421, Rickenbacker Lap Steel, Dean Edge 4-String Bass, Bristol acoustic... 

Recently Sold : G&L ASAT Junior II, Gibson BluesHawk, Gibson Melody Maker Les Paul Junior, Gibson SG-X, Gibson Les Paul Special DC Faded, Gibson SG Standard, Black Epiphone 61 Reissue SG Special, Epiphone Les Paul Special II, Hamer Artist Special, Hamer Stellar, Schecter Damien Bass, China Strat, Fender FMT Telecaster Deluxe, Ovation Standard Elite...

Duesenberg Tremolos, Stage Right 15 Tube Amps, P-90s

Some of the amps I acquired......... that I can remember..... I always played guitar as well on my bass amps....

Rickenbacker Bass Amp, St. George Bass Amp, Ampeg Fliptop 15 Bass, Fender Bassman, Ampeg Fliptop 12 Guitar, Vox 1x12 Combo, Ampeg SVT 8x10 Cab,Fender 100 Bassman Pyramid cab, Plush Bass 2x15 Cab, Kustom 4x10 Combo, Fender Tweed 1x12 boosted to 45w, Ampeg V4 4x12 Cab, Crate 150b Bi-amped to Peavey 200 P-Amp 18 Blackwidow, GK 250ML, Peavey 2x12 Stereo Chorus, Ampeg VH140C 4x12 Cab, Marshall AVT Valvestate 2000 275 2x12, Marshall AVT Valvestate 2000 150H 2 4x12 Cab, Roland Micro Cube, Marshall MG 100 DFX, Fender Deluxe 900, Fender FM 100 4x12 Cab, More Roland Micro Cubes, Stage Right 15w Tube 1x12 combo, 2nd Stage Right 15w Tube 1x12 combo.

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