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  1. All good responses this is actually kind of an antique Explorer case from the mid 60's that I found on eBay, But my Frankensplorer loves it.
  2. Black SG's will only stay clean if you don't touch them, this one has been rode hard and put away wet. But being older than advertised, doesn't that make it worth more..?
  3. Here is a Product Shot of a new SG Standard to compare it to.. His SN says its a 2013 His Serial number info from Guitar Insite.. Serial number: 105030331 Production year: 19 February 2013 (Batch:0 Product nr.: 331) (Manufactured in Nashville)
  4. In the 60's there was an O.C. band called the Mustangs that had several guitar players all playing Mustangs with the exception of the main lead player who used a Duo Sonic. I have been intrigued by the hybrid Jazzmasters with real P90's, simplified switching and Strat Tremolo.
  5. I wasn't making light of a serious subject, I was confirming that I too have experienced dizziness and blacked out. When I came to I was sick and immobilized for several hours and in one case days. There were other times when I came to and I was fine..
  6. I have experienced dizziness on different occasions where I blacked out, a few were when I was sick and also from holding too much smoke in my lungs or standing up too fast. In the Army we used to knock each other out by completely exhaling and having someone put a sudden squeeze on our chest, hmm things you do when you get bored..
  7. Stickers...... From Beijing, Bangkok and Kolkata...
  8. My LP Chainsaw case proved to be a very good fit for my Blues Hawk.. I have a few identical LP cases. Another one of my LP cases, one of a few I got at the same time. I have 3 different SG cases for 4 guitars. My Black SG My Gibson SG case fits my Wilshire a little more snug than my Epiphone SG case. SG case for my Tele. My oldest LP case that survived travel, the other LP cases are cushier inside and fit the contour a little better, but this one protects my Blueshawk's Tremolo the best. Same old LP case for beating around. My Strat case for my Ibanez.... Most of my cases are used for unrelated guitars
  9. I get vertigo when I walk into a store and see a beautiful guitar hanging on the wall, I get so dizzy I have to sit down for awhile. But it usually passes by the time I get my plastic out.
  10. Its really tough to lose an old friend, specially one whose only desire was to please you, I'm sorry for your loss. I voted for the first time in my life last year as a septuagenarian, to correct a mistake.
  11. Yay, Arthur Lee............ He was my neighbor in Laurel Canyon in 67 and lent me some money for band equipment.... I wish he was still alive..
  12. I like the new collection.. But I'm still waiting for a P90 powered Tele with a Strat Tremolo and a maple fingerboard....
  13. Note that Fenders with their native single coil pickups tend to be just as noisy, performers tend to shut off the volume on the guitar when not playing which should kill all of the noise. I haven't noticed any tone difference when the coils are reversed, but if he has a preferred pickup that is used more frequently, you can reverse the other pickup so his favorite would be untouched. Also to check the polarity, place a compass next to each pickup and if the needle swings to the same pole, they are in the same polarity, if one goes opposite then it is reversed. Also note that the Casino P90's chassis has a tab on each end that is soldered to the cover, making it more difficult to disassemble.
  14. Note that this thread is 6 years old.... 🙂 When talking about the wood that Epiphone uses you need to define what model, era and which factory. Entry level Epiphone guitars with "Bolt On Necks" tend to use several different types of wood for the body, usually covered with a veneer, but stated in the spec's for that specific model. The "Set Neck level" normally use 2 or 3 blocks of wood covered by a veneer of the same material. Carved Top LP's normally use large Mahogany blocks with a Carved Maple Cap with a Maple veneer top. The Hollow Body and Semi-Hollow bodies are usually described as Layered Maple. So what I'm trying to illustrate is that Epiphone's construction method differs from model to model or Entry to Pro, but the general material used is listed in the original Spec's. Example: a Set Neck SG G-400 body is normally 3 blocks of mahogany with a mahogany veneer on the top and back, but in the spec's the body is listed as mahogany, which it is. High end Epiphones or Pro level follow their own rules using the best materials and a few have Nitro finishes.
  15. P90's because of being such a heavily wound single coil, with 2 or 3 times as many windings as a typical Fender single coil. The trick with P90's is to back off the tone pots and volume on the the guitar and turn down the amount of treble and mids until you hear the hum reduce. Including not running the input gain too high. Basically you have to tweak your amp to reduce hum for P90's, so the settings will be different from what you use for HB's. Also the guitar proximity to your amp, the guitar acts like an antenna in front of your amp , the farther away or out of direct line of the amp. Reversing the magnetic polarity on one of the P90's, most commonly the the neck PU, so when you have both PU's on you get hum cancelling. This is done by dissembling the P90 very carefully and flipping the coil. Marking the magnets and reversing them, note that when reassembling the magnets they will be in opposing fields trying to push apart. This creates a single magnetic field. There is no change to the wiring. Or---- you acquire an aftermarket P90 that is already in reverse magnetic polarity. Most manufacturers are building their P90 guitars with one PU in reverse polarity for hum cancelling when both PU's are on. Gibson and Epiphone do not normally do this. P90's are inherently effected by magnetic fields, florescent lights, bad electrical ground and microphonic guitar cords. I use P90's exclusively in all of my guitars, they are tone machines and are not too difficult to learn to control, but nothing else sounds like them. My 339 with aftermarket HB sized P90's with the neck PU in reverse magnetic polarity.
  16. In the early 70's I got an Aria Pro that came setup with 8's, It was insane compared to what I had been using, so I would imagine with 7's you may think you're flying. If your guitar is currently set for heavier strings you may need to relieve some tension on the nut to flatten out the fingerboard, if the 7's start to buzz.
  17. Weak battery Bad guitar cables (microphonic) Corrosion / Oxidation inside the pedal and jacks Old pedal weak connections on the circuit board
  18. Old school mechanics with permanently stained hands.. In the Army we used to use Axle Grease Molybdennuim Disulfide G-353 to clean our hands, then what ever chemicals we could find.
  19. I had pancakes and ice cold fresh squeezed orange juice off of my tree.
  20. Looks like a lefty G-310 Epiphone G-310 ▪ 1989-2014 Body: ▪ Alder body Neck: ▪ Bolt-on Mahogany neck ▪ Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays ▪ Narrow open-book headstock (1989) ▪ Clipped-ear headstock (1990-Current) ▪ 12" fingerboard radius ▪ 22 frets ▪ 24.75" scale ▪ 1.68" nut width Electronics: ▪ Covered Vintage pickups (1989-1996) ▪ Open-coil 700T/650R pickups (1997-Current) ▪ 2 Vol. 2 Tone controls Hardware: ▪ Chrome hardware ▪ LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stop tailpiece ▪ Black speed knobs ▪ Diecast tuners ▪ 2-ply pickguard Colors: ▪ Ebony (EB) ▪ Cherry (CH) ▪ Red (RE) ▪ Vintage White (VW) ▪ Trans Blueburst (BB)
  21. Pele woke up a few weeks ago, just to remind us who's island we are on surrounded by a world of gliding monsters. Now we are also wearing our tinfoil hats to protect us from the sky visitors while huddled together hoping the Menehune don't play tricks on us, as dead warriors search for heaven passing through the jungle.
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