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  1. I think Fender was removed from the Source when CBS took over.
  2. The Smoothtalker is made in Africa..... The Poi Dogs are made in Hawaii...........
  3. Notice the "open box" 6-saddle bridge which is a standard component on the G&L Classic... Below is the Indonesian built G&L Classic.. Below is the US built Fullerton Deluxe Classic..
  4. Packing to go make some noise, taking my Ibanez and G400 which both have the same HB sized Mean 90's in them, will see how they react for comparison at higher volume.
  5. The Smoothtalkers remind me a bit of these more traditionally shaped hand made Poi Dog guitars. info@mclarenwoodworks.com
  6. Another perfect Tele slipped through my fingers, P90 Mahogany Thinline 22 fret maple fingerboard with a Strat Tremolo...
  7. I think you are correct, as you can use any material, but I think I would use something familiar.
  8. Rocky coast on the East Side with almost no people for miles. The West Side, with a few hidden beaches is a bit more crowded..
  9. For new innovation its sounds great and looks to me to be very versatile, with the ability to play what ever you want on it. I would like to hear what it does cranked..
  10. Best Tele, a Parts Caster? Almost a P90 type of sound..
  11. One of the main things I like about my RG421 is the flat finger board, it is supposed to have a 25.5" scale neck but mine is actually 25.625". I think the longer 25.5" scale provides a deeper thicker and perhaps cleaner tone, which I also experience with my Blueshawks and the G&L Tele. But, possibly the real magic is the way P90's respond to long scale strings. I really enjoy the way it sounds through Valves.. I seem to be finding P90's and Tubes really go well together.
  12. I found it interesting that you could use any type of string with them..
  13. When I first came to the Island the environment caused my Gibsons to start disintegrating, so I sold them. Some people here have an environment controlled room to keep their upscale guitars in, most of us don't. At the time my only guitar that survived the transition to humidity was my Epiphone DC Junior, fortunately for me it is an extremely good player, which is kind of the point. All guitars are different, even within the same model and when you find one that is exceptional, you keep it. Since I landed here I have probably gone through about 40 guitars, only keeping the best and selling the rest, which is currently down to 8, of which my Junior has survived. It was an inexpensive Cort built Epiphone from Indonesia. My 97 Epiphone DC Junior loves my China valves. When I traveled to India I took my Gibson LP Special DC because I thought it would withstand the trip better, but after 3 days of concerts in the open air I was wishing for my Junior.
  14. Most of the people in the world who would like a Brand guitar like a Fender or Gibson can't even afford the budget brand like Squire or Epiphone. So the Asian builders supply massive amounts of them that most do not reach the US or Europe. The thing is, we are so accustomed to over paying for everything we get that $4000 US built guitar has become the norm, for those with the bucks. But while US builders were sleeping the Asian factories have been drastically improving the quality of their builds and legal new brands with slightly modified designs are raising the bar while still able to keep the price down. My 62 Teisco was not comparable to my 63 Wilshire from Kalamazoo, that I bought new for $150. In the same shop where I bought both these, was a new Strat that the store keeper would not let us touch, because he was he was afraid of the tremolo and getting it out of wack. If I remember right the Strat was about $300. So you go ahead an spend you retirement money on expensive Icons, that will probably increase in value.. I hope you are actively playing them.
  15. A drop in Analog Optical Pickup.. Hmmmmm. https://www.light4sound.com
  16. The Indonesian built Fender Modern Player.. One of my favorite Tele shaped, the Epiphone T-310 Note that New custom Cobras are built using Chevy, Ford and even Viper powertrains.
  17. A very nice pair to draw to. Also I notice you have the more rare 330 with the 335 style neck length, very cool. The Blueshawk's 25.5" scale neck is part of the formula with the longer string, I think giving it a clean deep sound, maybe... Below the winner of my personal Blueshawk contest, the 2015 Epiphone version. Generally a better build than the Gibson version with slight improvements. Like the P90 Pro's sound more like real P90's than the watered down Gibson Blues 90's, the hum-cancelling is better, the neck is mounted about 1/16" farther out board and the Tenon is shaped slightly different allowing for easier access to the high notes. The only flaw with the Epi version is that the bridge is mounted in too short of a position, making it hard to intonate the low E. If necessary the fix is simple, just take off the bridge, plug the holes an move farther back about an 1/8", while still covering the old holes. Then the saddles have plenty of space for intonation. If you look closely you can see that the Gibson Blues Hawk bridge is mounted farther away from the PU than on the "Epiphone with the saddle spring fully compressed", making for better intonation adjustment on the Gibson. The most common upgrade on the Gibson Blues Hawk is to replace the Blues 90s with standard Gibson P90's, with the neck position having a reverse coil. The wiring on the Epi (top) and Gibson (below) make all the same connections, in addition all of the components are spec'd exactly the same. The Epi does tend to have a little more excess wire.
  18. Who's flying the bus? I blew up the mirror and didn't see anybody onboard, anywhere I could make out...
  19. The link doesn't work for me, perhaps the access rights for the /pix/ directory isn't set for sharing.. My Hawks have been my favorite for sound, versatility, ease of playing and hum cancelling. When I realized that my Gibson Blues Hawk needed be upgraded to be able to keep up with the Epiphone Blueshawk, I decided to leave it stock and let it go. It was a sad day.. But I use the Blueshawks as a model for building my guitars.
  20. That thing comes up huge, I had to select Open in New Window then to put it in Full Screen Mode to see it play. I've fallen out of office chairs when I put too much weight on the edge. The lady in the house coat saves the day and the husky is great...
  21. A few years ago a Luthier named Devon Rogers moved to the Big Island, I think from Oregon. He reopened his new Pahoa Hawaii shop in about June, after COVID caused him to to shut down for a while. Anyway, at his shop "Rogers Guitars" Devon uses a new building technique that creates a much lighter stronger guitar, they sound and play excellent. Rogers Guitars on FaceBook....... and custom electrics https://www.facebook.com/RogersGuitars/
  22. Unfortunately for me I picked out my Teisco, I do remember it looking better than those pic's, it was difficult to get in tune. Fortunately a year later I got a Kalamazoo made Wilshire like the one below.
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