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  1. Smokehouseburst LP Studio for 499 not bad at all.. https://www.epiphone.com/Guitar/EPIHFM501/Les-Paul-Studio/Smokehouse-Burst
  2. Need to order one that is actually in stock like this one... https://www.wwbw.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Special-Left-Handed-Electric-Guitar-L78230-L78230000001000.wwbw?source=TWWR5J1BB&cntry=us&currency=usd
  3. There seems to be a few variations of TV Yellow Les Paul Specials both DC's and Single cuts available. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USA2KP357/Les-Paul-Special/TV-Yellow https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSNZT900/1957-Les-Paul-Special-Single-Cut-Reissue/TV-Yellow https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSNR1445/1957-Les-Paul-Special-Single-Cut-TV-Yellow-Ultra-Light-Aged/TV-Yellow https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSU6S317/1960-Les-Paul-Special-Double-Cut-Reissue/TV-Yellow Also there are a few single P90 Les Paul Juniors Single cut and DC's Explore Les Paul.....
  4. 20 years ago I found that I really liked 4 to 5" wide leather bass guitar straps that made my light guitars like my SGX feel like they weren't even there and with them on my hip which seemed work well with my pedals.
  5. I have always really liked that particular style of JazzMasters...
  6. The first time in quite a while Epiphone has offered a Les Paul Junior with a set neck and a P-90. I wonder if there will be the classic set neck "SG Junior"?
  7. The older version 2019 and back, ES-339 Pro with "coil tapping, larger headstock and 1960's SlimTaperâ„¢ D-shape neck". Epiphone seems to have lowered the price to $499, but the usual online stores seem to be asking $549 for this "older model" new. There are still a few ES-339 Pro's out there. The new version from 2020 with "no coil tapping, the Kalamazoo headstock, Rotomatic's, wired CTS pots and Hand-Rolled C-shape neck", Epiphones price for the new model ES-339 is $549.
  8. Gibson Custom Shop Limited ES-335 Traditional Pro with Tapped Zebras (Iced Tea) https://www.gak.co.uk/en/gibson-custom-shop-limited-es-335-traditional-pro-with-tapped-zebras-iced-tea/79243
  9. mihcmac


    I did this image a while back for someone who had a 339/Casino Coupe case wondering if a WildKat would fit in it. The composite image is scaled between the 22nd fret and the bridge At the time the WildKat and 339/Casino Coupe had different hard cases but are very close in size with the 339/ Casino Coupe body being very slightly larger.
  10. Most Gibsons do use 500k pots even with the push/pulls for coil tapping like the LP Studio the specs don't actually say what "k", most of the guitars in the Modern Collection specs mention 500k's. https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/USAYNB363/Les-Paul-Studio/Wine-Red
  11. Kuwel Pike, Job Quit and Fumes, we just has a 6.2 earthquake centered a few miles south of the Big Island West of the Lo'hi Seamount. Had to check my propane connections.
  12. Well welcome to the forum Mr Guru, the people who you have called wrong have earned their credibility, so if you wish to point the wrong finger at anyone in here, you need to provide credible proof and start earning your reputation.
  13. It does have a nice set of Kluson style cast Grover Deluxe Tuners with Threaded Bushings, but on this type Gibson usually uses Kluson or Gibson branded tuners. Don't Gibson semi-holowss usually have a label inside?
  14. Still using the "M" setting , I mod'd my pedal to move the mid squelch farther back by turning the potentiometer cog wheel farther forward giving me more range on the high end. This seems to make it respond more like my Vox. So far so good...
  15. I also have a Les Trem II installed on my 339, a nice thing is the adjustable dive bar that can be set to dive almost as far as a Strat. For guitars with a lot of string angle I usually install a roller bridge as well.
  16. Mowing the front... Taking a break almost done...
  17. Looks like a LP Standard upgraded with EMG pickups. Serial number: DW04011331 Production year: January 2004 (serial: 1331) Made by DaeWon,China
  18. mihcmac


    Its like having a date with the Prom Queen.
  19. Played the SG Classic at my jam yesterday, this long neck thing is amazing, it should have cost a lot more. The cast Kluson style Epiphone Deluxe tuners also with threaded bushings. Opps I just noticed they raised the price $50 to $429.. Still low I think for all that it gives you...
  20. mihcmac


    That's really beautiful, I think this my 4th or 5th or 6th look, it keeps looking better each time.
  21. You should be able to find one that work on your guitar.
  22. My Duesenberg Les Trem II works for me, easy to install and only uses the stopbar screws for mounting.
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