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  1. A new home for my Ibanez, a Fender Black Tweed case... Had to add a small piece of foam under the heal and under the neck rest. It fits quite nicely..
  2. I scored a G&G Black Tweed Strat Case today, my Ibanez is loving it.
  3. Had no clue it wasn't real.. I had found the other image a few times. So this what it was supposed to look like.. But now the Strat looks small to me.. Oh well.... Edited....... On the Epi version I can see anomalies around his left wrist, the guitar cord isn't going to the right place, the guitar strap coming down from his right shoulder isn't actually connected to the guitar and the angle allowed by the belly relief is too flat.... There are plenty of shots from the early days of him playing Epi's but the desire for a more modern shot suckered me in..
  4. Well I didn't mean to make anyones head explode, I was just expressing my feeling that Gibson should move on to more modern finishes that won't disintegrate so easily, Fender left Nitro behind many years ago..
  5. What are the main advantages of Gibson and why you chose this particular guitar? Which Gibson models and colors do you like? Who is your favorite musician who plays Gibson? What are your associations with Gibson? Because Gibson has owned Epiphone since 57, or there abouts, I have been attracted to Epi's since the early 60's. Note I have owned many Gibsons but many more Epiphones. Gibsons can normally be counted on to be excellent sounding reliable high quality guitars. The models I seek are ones that have incredible neck access up to the last high fret like LP DC's and SG's. As I have gotten older I prefer Guitars with P90's for their tone and unique penetrating sound, well illustrated by Leslie West. While this was a relatively simple song the LP Jr made it unique. Jimmy Page was one of the foremost Gibson Players, I think he picked up a lot from Beck and Clapton during the Yardbirds. Eric Clapton during the Cream years playing mostly a Gibson SG. Or Jimi playing one of his Epiphones below. He also had a Gibson V an SG and a LP, to name a few.. I have no affiliation with Gibson, how ever I wish they would stop using the antiquated Nitro furniture finish on their guitars..
  6. Chrome is kool but I like the blue one better........
  7. I thought the amp was built into the Case?
  8. I have performed Bricksters mod a few times his instructions are very accurate, performed on my neck P90 and would work perfectly in either the neck or bridge position.. 👍
  9. If anyone should try to reverse a Gibson P90 is one of the most difficult because it is very substantially built. You will need a good soldering gun to desolder the cable shielding from the chassis so you can flip the coil, while being very careful not to damage the leads going to the coil. Also need to mark the magnets with something like nail polish so you know the original orientation. Usually much easier to just acquire an aftermarket reverse polarity P90, most manufacturers are building them in sets this way.. Epiphone P90's are easier to reverse with no desoldering required, just mark the magnets, disassemble requiring the pole screws to be removed, flip the coil and reverse the magnets in an opposite opposing position, check the polarity with a compass and finish reassembling. There are a few other posts in the Epiphone thread explaining in more detail. **** Easy P-90 hum cancelling mod
  10. I have been using boiled linseed oil for long time, using a very small amount while rubbing it in with my finger and wiping it off once I reach the whole length of the fingerboard. Linseed oil dries quickly, will enrich the color and seal the wood. I used it on an unfinished maple fingerboard to seal it before I left my nasty fingerprint stains on it and it seemed to work quite well. Normally, boiled linseed oil will require one application, unless you really play that guitar a lot, should last for years...
  11. Hmmm, a good example of "no reason to have a tone control with a hot humbucker". Its a lot of money for a Replica...
  12. My ladies Birthday today, won't tell you how old she is, but that she is significantly younger than me, in many ways.
  13. I remember the first one I saw that looked like solid chrome..
  14. Sounds like a smoking price compared to Eric's 64 Firebird I ............. for 8k... And I like the tuners better.
  15. Just as a note, in a reverse coil pickup the actual polarity is reversed, the coil (bobbin) and magnets are reversed creating an opposite magnetic field. The wiring is the same, if changed it will take the pickup out of phase creating an undesirable effect. If you place a compass next to your pups the normal pup will swing the south end of the needle closest to it, on either end of the pup. The reversed pup will swing the north end of the needle to it, on either end.. If you take a P90 part and remove the magnets, you will notice that the magnets are held together in opposing fields trying to push each other apart creating a single magnetic field at both ends of the pup. On a P90, if your compass swings to the same pole on both pups, then they are in the same polarity.. Normal pups in the same polarity will normally swing the south end of the needle toward them.. Humbuckings get confused, with one magnet and two coils, as each coil inside the pup has an opposite or opposing magnetic field. 😳
  16. Well, no stereo effects coming in, just basically Y cord. But, each amp adjusted slightly different for sound re-enforcement, kind of a Phil Spector thing. I do love playing out of multiple amps. I ran each of them at about 1/3, turned out to be be pretty loud with 2x15watt and 2x12's with my upgraded Ibanez goin tru em.... Hmmm there is life after 70.. 👀
  17. Typically the neck pup position is inherently louder so the mid and bridge would need to be wound progressively hotter which also has an effect on the sound. Other brands do attempt to balance the pup volume, Gibson doesn't always seem to do it..
  18. I had a 59 MGA with an aluminum body that a couple of us could pick up the rear and move it.. I have seen used reissue F VII's going for around 2k, but no new ones at all... Found an open box never been played 2013 for 9995 on eBay..
  19. Well... Are you and the dog still with us?
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