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  1. Proline Humbucker Pickup Cover 2-Pack Chrome $11.99 at MusiciansFriend Gibson Accessories Bridge Position Humbucker Cover - Chrome $19.99 Sweetwater Gibson Accessories Neck Position Humbucker Cover - Chrome $19.99 Sweetwater
  2. Actually there are quite a few manufacturers that make Humbucker sized P90's, but the GFS Mean 90 is a Killer and very high quality. Also, they come in Chrome Nickel and Gold..
  3. No, the Mean 90's just solder in using the original pots and guts.. and its new wire has a quick plug on the pickup.
  4. The article I read on the Epiphone site said the Casino was "designed" before the acquisition in 57, the Link has strangely disappeared... It did not say it was released.. hmmm.
  5. Not to create any more confusion but you can get Humbucker Sized P90's that will fit right in to your pickguard. These below are GuitarFetish GFS Mean 90's, Very hot P90's and very low noise, possibly because of the Silver plated Chassis. The only problem is they won't break the bank, but will sound great. The SG below is one my best sounding P-90 guitars out of several. A matched Set will only cost about $80 on sale at GuitarFetish the GFS Mean 90's..
  6. In 2005 the Gibson Qingdao factory opened and is where most of the current Epiphones most are made. The Epiphones built here have been improving and standardizing the production and building some of the best quality asian guitars.
  7. I'm seeing China built IBJL Casino's that the asking price has gone over $1000 on US eBay..
  8. I Can't Be Without You - Lenny Kravitz
  9. Nothing unusual about wanting to keep it stock, if the frets are good on a possibly 30yr old Samick made Hondo its very likely the tuners are still good too.. Pretty guitar... The Samick factory that built quite few sought after Epiphones models in the 90's
  10. I would lean toward recapturing the look of the Maestro tremolo equipped SG with chrome covered Gibson style pickups with the sound you like, they are easy to replace being directly attached to the batwing pickguard. Which also brings up the point that you could also get a P90 loaded SG batwing pickguard.
  11. Have you contacted badbluesplayer about what it would take to put in a standby switch?
  12. Very fun guitar to play, LP style do lend them selves very well to bolt on necks but I think those tuners may cause you more grief than they are worth..
  13. My first pedal was a Gibson Maestro Fuzz which led to many others. Much later leading to my first multi effect like the blue faced Ibanez PUE5, that also had an effects loop, that I ran different effects like Sound Tanks like the TS5 TubeScreamer or a collection of Boss pedals including the DS-1, not to forget my EchoPlex's.. My first amp was a Rickenbacker which led to Fender's then migrated to Ampeg and went back and forth for quite a while. I won't go into my rack which turned into a nightmare. Then Marshall introduced the AVT series with 4 switchable Preamps and effects so I didn't need multi effect pedals. Using the AVT 2x12 combo led to the AVT full stack and using the Digitech Whammy pedal as a result of migrating from Floyd Rose equipped guitars to Gibsons. Which led back to using simpler 1X12 combo's and started using a Boss ME-50. Through all of this I always had Vox pedals.. Then my I got my Deluxe 900 with 7 amp models, 3 switchable channels and a Fender 1/2 stack as a backup.. So I ended up with a box of Rocks... I liked having Roland Cubes with amp models and effects for practicing, they were fun to use sitting in a park watching the ocean and started collecting more for re-inforcement, settling on 6. I am really happy with my new simplified Tube rig, I have been stuck in the SS world too long.. I started with Tube amps needing a supply of 6L6's or 6550's, then the more reliable SS and as time passed needing more and more effects, now back to much smaller tubes and less effects.
  14. I bought my Tech21 RK5 used for about 1/2 of what they usually sell for. It was an attempt to reduce noise by using fewer pedals, that worked.. I do have a collection of stomp boxes, that get used once in a while, my RK5 usually covers everything. Except that I just bought a new analog chorus and delay to use in the effects loop of my new tube amp.
  15. There seems to be a phenomenon going on on with the used Casino's since the announcement of the USA Casino. The resale prices are going up, used to be able to get a used China built Casino's for about $300, now they are over$400 and up. There is a 1961 Casino on Reverb asking over 11k and the Japan prices seem to be going crazy for Elite's and Elitist. The Mystique of John Lennon's guitar is amazing, something the ES-330 will never have. I like the new headstock, but wonder what effect it will have since Lennon's Casino had the current design soon to be the old design. Note that the Casino design was completed before the acquisition of Epiphone by Gibson in 1957.
  16. mihcmac


    Very cool TV, but I don't watch TV in the daytime so I will have to look at it later..
  17. My analog Chorus and Delay came in, running them through the effects loop.. Working good..
  18. mihcmac


    I get cable from Spectrum that seems to have a monopoly here on the island, but just the base package for network channels. We stream Prime, Netflix, Disney, Hulu and YouTube most of the time. I have been watching shows like The Expanse, Outpost, Hunted, Madam Secretary, Better Call Saul, Elementary and lots of documentaries including lots of WW2 docs. I have a good sized DVD collection of Action/ SiFi with good CGI effects...
  19. I think think the Inspired By Gibson series is both good and bad, the use of the older headstock looks good and all set necks. But the old $199 Epi Les Paul, with a bolt on, usually had a reputation for having a good playing neck, easier to replace at the factory if the neck went bad. The new set neck versions starting at about $350 and up, are having reports of fret buzz, so play before you buy would be a good idea. I hope they reintroduce the original Epiphone designs like the Coronet, Wilshire, Crestwood and Archtops including the original Wildkat. Also really sad for me to see the Epiphone Blueshawk gone...
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