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  1. Is it true that your funky glasses is from K-Mart? or Have you ever played on another guitar than a Les Paul-model?
  2. Floyd Rose on a LP is just wrong.
  3. But these guitars is out of production..?
  4. You should really buy one, Thundergod. Quite cheap guitars, but they're fantastic.
  5. Thanks, guys! I have moved back to my apartment in Oslo, so I can't play on it anymore.
  6. One of the best guitars I have played on for a very long time. Definitely a keeper!
  7. F-u-c-k-i-n-g awsome. I want one now.
  8. And I have one right here, guys! ;)
  9. Thanks, flight! Everybody should have a P90-axe!
  10. Thanks! Yeah, the neck is sweet! I haven't a better cam right now, but gonna load up some better pics if I have one.
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