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  1. I believe this one is ebony fretboard with the half moon inlays!
  2. Hi guys, been offered a 2002 SG Special for about £460, a few dinks but generally good condition no wear on nut or frets. Any thoughts on value? Thanks Kev SG.pdf
  3. Scrub round it guys, I got info from Gibson USA
  4. Thanks for all the input guys, all much apprreciated.
  5. Hi all. Sorry if this is posted in wrong place but I am trying to find out if there is a user/operator manual for a 2017 LP Traditional HP. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi all I have degenerative tendons in my chord hand and would like you guys to give informed opinion on what gauge strings I should or could use to extend playing life on a LP Traditional HP ?? Cheers Kev
  7. Always wanted a LP ever since trying a friends back in '76, it almost played itself. now in the later years with age and shortening tendons in the hand creeping in I wanted to try and make life as easy as possible ....that coupled with stunning looks ( the guitar not me
  8. Yes indeed mate, though left after the Falklands War for a change of scenery and became a commercial diver LoL
  9. Got one with my 2017 LP Traditional HP, as said its a pretty nice touch from the guys at Gibson. I was torn between an SG and a Les Paul........the LP won Guess I'll be saving up for the SG next!!
  10. Thanks guys, I knew I was in for a bit of comeback but as a newbie paying for first Gibson I was not sure what to expect both from the dealer and Gibson themselves. As far as I have read in other posts the general consensus seems to be that the setup should give a leading angle from the bridge to the stop tail without interferance or touching the back of the bridge ( that may be incorrect but would seem to make sense otherwise damage to the finish on the back of the bridge would likely occur !! ) Anyway all your inputs are appreciated, I have already made contact with a local luthier to carry out a setup and will be speaking with him further. I will also post some photos of the offending part(s) as soon as I get chance, I basically was interested in what level of setup to expect from Gibson as from memory ( 25 years or so ago ) the action was a lot lower with less pressure needed. I understand they can't get the action set for everyone but I would have thought the string rub would have been avoided! Maybe not :-) Thanks again to all who replied. Just for info the dealer did say it should not have left the store in this condition ( string rubbing ) but also agreed with most here about the action needing to be setup to suit the individual.
  11. Having just purchased my first Gibson USA ( 2017 Traditional HP Sunburst ) I was a bit dissapointed to find the two lowest strings were in contact with the back of the bridge due to the angle of the strings to the stop. As I thought the guitars were supposed to be setup and QC before leaving the factory I am not sure how to proceed with this sit seems like I would be doing the factory's job ( only because they say they do it ) or is this something I should expect? Any advice gratefully received. Sub
  12. Hi John Sounds like the ideal retirement setup bud, I've been there a couple of times on vacation from the UK ( with head office / she who must be obeyed ) loved the place especially the North Shore area. It was like it was stuck 50 years in the past ( except for the prices ) Have fun mate Rgds Kev
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