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  1. Happy to have a mod move the thread, JimR56. Just following the instructions from the Epiphone website Contact Us page :) I tried searching these forums initially, so if the information is here, I missed it.
  2. Good Evening Folks, I have a 7 string Epiphone Les Paul Classic which was manufactured in March 2000 and purchased in 2006. I have been trying to find a repair parts catalogue and/or part number listing in order to replace a couple tuners with OEM parts; however, I have been able to find little to no information on this particular model. Does anyone here have any authoritative detail regarding the model (i.e. production run by quantity/time et cetera)? I am not interested in valuation or even selling it; just curious. Well, also looking for OEM tuners with the trapezoidal shaped peg! Image attached for shape reference.
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