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  1. Congrats! Nice looking guitar!
  2. Got a 2017 tribute gold top myself, and I love it, but Capt. Rick is right, playing makes all the difference.
  3. Welcome, Those are some beautiful guitars sir. Dave
  4. LOL thanks Man your the best!
  5. Happy New Year Guys and Gals! Can I just use your resolutions Spar? Cheers !
  6. Same here, I got a gold top tribute 2017 for Christmas and the picture was a nice touch. Dave
  7. Monch66


    Looks amazing, congrats!
  8. Beautiful looking guitar, Congrats!
  9. Hey Guys, Just wondering why I cant reply to some of the forum threads while others I can? Thanks, Dave
  10. Monch66


    My wonderful wife bought me my first Gibson for Christmas.
  11. Hello all, I have been browsing the forums and thought I would introduce myself. I have just recently returned to playing guitar after a 30 year hiatus and fell in love with the gold top tribute models in the last few years. So hopefully, Monday will be a NGD and I will send along pictures. Have a safe and joyous Christmas everyone, Dave.
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