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  1. the custom shop still does high-end L5s, Byrdlands, and some artist signatures. I feel like they tested the waters on affordable archtops with the epiphone zenith stuff a few years back, but kind of missed the 2010's folk boom by a few years and the quality wasn't awesome. The Loar seems to be best known affordable archtop company these days, lotta folks seem to like them, including Robert Ellis who's a really great player.
  2. young people play sub-$1000 fenders, old bastards buy Gibsons, so they'll keep taking these rock gods outta mothballs and try to not get them confused for the proprietors of the Women and Women First bookstore. Agnesi is a great guy and knows guitars inside and out, but in no way is he trying to appeal to anyone under 35 with any move he or Gibson marketing have made.
  3. i leave mine in cases all winter, and in summer with central air i can close the windows and have it be pretty normal when the humidity gets high. in winter i DIYd my own humidipak with a travel soap case and half a kitchen sponge. wet and squeeze the sponge about once a week and it works like a charm.
  4. 45-50's awesome. i wouldn't be too concerned about low 60s, especially if that's just slow trends of rising or dropping over time. Humidity fluctuation is where it gets tricky- i'm in new england and we can go from around 35 up to 80+ % in the matter of a few hours if a low front thunderstorm rolls through. If there's going to be a big humidity change where you live, just pop it in its case. the humidity in a closed case will change more slowly than the air and certainly slowly enough not to damage it. sounds like you live in a solid spot for guitars though!
  5. +1 on this- your son isn't going to love it because you kept it in a case and it's in great shape- he'll love it because it will remind him of you playing it and the music and times shared together. See this thread for an example of how this ends up happening. Everyone gets mad at themselves when they make the first ding in something expensive but after that the honest wear becomes a badge of honor. they're instruments meant to be played.
  6. lol i cringed when i saw that this was the thread that went off the rails- i just wanted to know about these epiphones!
  7. Looks very similar to this- I believe it's the same model, a TB-1 from around the late-teens early 1920s. TB (tenor banjo) with the numbers going up in quality, meaning 1 would be the bare bones lowest cost one. Oddly enough i came into my Vega tenor banjo from the same era in the exact way you did! my wife's grandfather played and I'm the only musical member of the family still kicking. My in-laws were cleaning their house recently and came across a wedding invitation from the 50's kindly asking Richard to "leave his banjo at home" so i guess it's not great for the singalong!
  8. Wondering if there are any long-term thoughts of the IBG epiphones. I imagine that Anderton's shootout pretty well covers it- the hummingbird is a sleeper and others dont quite live up to their gibson namesakes. I wonder if the consensus is that these probably fall short of the masterbilts in terms of overall quality. but have the looks?
  9. This thread is incredible and in addition to being an awesome woman, she had great taste in guitars! congrats on having something so magical
  10. anecdotally in the latest gibson tv collection episode with Cesar Gueikian they talk about how they took the same approach to this as they do the electric lines, which they then explain how they develop via 3d scans of dozens of originals. ain't nothing like the real thing but my guess is they are very close to an original spec- the 60s j45 has the adj bridge, narrow nut, and sonic boom pickguard while the 50s one is wide and has the normal bridge. it should feel the same but probably won't sound the same- they'll sound the way a 50s one did in the 50s
  11. all the reverb ones have been marked sold. a store in CT got one and sold it at msrp- lucky buyer on that one!
  12. wonderful review rs80 thanks for the side by side comparison with the original! glad you're liking yours- I'll probably keep my eyes peeled for a blonde once the market cools off a bit
  13. the one that was at $8500 dropped to $7k pretty quickly. I have to hope that some of these guys that thought they could double their money are quickly realizing that the majority of people that wanted them (myself included) suffered from the sticker shock of the msrp, so the market of people willing to go well over that is a real longshot.
  14. some of us like to have a little fun from time to time #stayyoung
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