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  1. Love a good zombie thread that brings up something so silly! that's OP is so funny, imagine the gall to come onto this board and in post numero uno be like "WE ALL HATE IT RIGHT?!" the issue, as others have stated better above, is that gibson didn't do what FMIC did and just have an offshore version and a domestic version of the same guitar with the same cosmetics. That said if this is an issue for you, don't buy the epiphone version of a Gibson guitar- you're clearly going to have a complex about it. I've seen tons of live shows big and small where the performers are playing epiph
  2. Epiphone only has one acoustic model made in the USA by Gibson - the Epiphone USA Texan. They just released the Epiphone Inspired by Gibson line with the Hummingbird, J200, and J45. All made overseas. People seem to really like em! There is also one kind of inbetween - the early 00's Epiphone Elite J200. made in japan, great quality.
  3. When I was 12 years old I would hang out at the music store down the street from me- close enough to ride my bike and bother the guys hanging out- i couldnt even play anything, i just looked at the stuff on the wall. One day they had a case lying on the ground, a guitar they hadn't put out yet. It was a korean Sorrento in burgandy mist with the epi bigsby. My 12yo self thought it was horrible- a pink guitar! Now it's my grail!
  4. 1. a good clean microfiber cloth if you're going at it and getting it sweaty. there are cleaners and polishes but it looks to be in great shape, i'd just leave it alone. 2. that's a solid wood bridge with an adjustable saddle, again, probably leave it alone. some people dont like the adj saddle and swap out the whole bridge. I bought a bone bridge that drops in (do no harm!) to my adj bridge that sounds a bit brighter. Philadelphia luthier supply 3. acoustic strings. make sure they're sitting right in the saddle, they could be wonky because of wear 4. tuners look great, if t
  5. Don't know how i missed this post originally but just caught wind of that video from Gibson over the weekend- really excited to see it come to life. and it looks like it's coming with the adidas sticker!
  6. Even if he leaves a bad review, everyone will laugh at it! I wouldnt sweat it and would probably just stop responding- you've done your part.
  7. You've done more than enough to offer to show him. If he can't be bothered to learn how to change strings, he shouldnt be buying or playing guitar.
  8. six years later I stand by my assessment- 70s Gibson acoustics definitely havent seen much of a shift in desirability, certainly not in the same way as the electrics have!
  9. I believe with that many birds it's considered a Flock of Gibsons
  10. I've had amazon slap a shipping label on the plastic of a record sleeve and ship it like that. they dont understand that guitars are shipped in those boxes all packed together and put int a shipping container. quite a different story if that box is used to actually ship to a customer
  11. bummer. post it to imgur and link it here. gibson doesn't want to pay to host photos
  12. Good sleuthing! I love that the specs that are on what is widely considered the greatest Gibson acoustics aren't exactly what they deem as marketable these days!
  13. just eyeballing the photos, non-tapered headstock and the neck looks a bit chonky but probably "for the modern player" the SJ looks sweet, probably the closest ill come to the real deal
  14. There's a pretty good chance Ted Nugent has it. Good luck dealing with him.
  15. really really cool design! love that she kept the tree of life with the diamond holes, mixing it up and making sure it's an original design.
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