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  1. the square label is a good call- pictures inside the body of the label and the bracing would certainly do a lot of good here. the angle of the OPs photo makes the bridge look at little strange and def not an adj bridge, so maybe that's just been replaced over time. I don't know that I've seen an early norlin acoustic that was the darker sunburst either- they all seem to have been cherry bursts, some of which have faded to a nice poopy brown!
  2. the natural headstock, square shoulders, diff pickguard, and belly down bridge all scream post-norlin to me. i dont see anything that would put it at '68 besides the serial number. here's my '68 with the pre-norlin featues. as said above this is gibson we're talking about, so obv my serial number is about 40k higher than the one posted, so not something you can really drill down on for accuracy.
  3. swapping pickups on either will be kind of a pain because most of the work is in and out of the f-holes. there will definitely be more range/selection of HB pickups than dogears but you can up the quality of the p90s pretty easily (if not inexpensively). if you're not certain your amp isn't causing the trouble, I'd bring your casino into a shop, say you wanna test out some amps with your own guitar, and see if a similar sized amp has the same issues. most places should have a blues jr or AC15 kicking around and who knows if the guitar sounds great, you can walk outta there with a new amp!
  4. Muddiness is a pretty common complaint with epi pickups, so even if you switch to the 335 you may still find yourself frustrated. you could try to swap out pickups esp if you go the humbucker route, there are plenty out there. If you have only been playing a single-coil strat through that amp, I'd definitely check whether it's the amp just reacting to something with a little more oomph, esp if it's a lower-end amp.
  5. Fair enough, but there are dogs with everything. I was watching the Gibson TV episode of The Collection with Keith Nelson where he mentioned owning and moving around seven iirc '59 bursts until he found one he really liked. Really have to have confidence in what you're looking for to say "this 250k one isnt quite up to snuff... but THIS one might be!" I'd say if you can get any pre-norlin 60s gibson under $1000, apart from obvious kindling and maybe the LG0, even if it takes a few hundred bucks in repairs, you'll have a pretty decent deal on your hands. Plus where's the fun of paying full retail from retrofret for something pristine- where's the thrill of the chase and the story of the deal 🙂
  6. This is such an unhelpful post- "if you want to play that guitar, buy one for six times the cost of the one you posted."
  7. These threads are great to see every now and again to remind me that while the family pics and NGD are fun, even the die hards are willing to admit that usually they're not giving equal time to an entire herd
  8. a repro pickguard will do the job i think- i dont think you could include the cost of replacing an original pickguard without people then talking you down or saying you're overpriced. Plus that's a guitar that someone may prefer not have a guard on it so why bother. As for the scratches and condition- leave them be. way better to have it show wear commensurate with its age than have someone homebrew a buff job onto it and maybe screw something up. Looks great! 175s seem to be pretty hot right now, good time to sell.
  9. Agreed- not uncommon in the 60s to want a master knob in that position. I've been reading Charlie at OK Guitar's blog for years (a very thorough examination of all things gibson 335 shaped) and seem to remember him mentioning something like this. Of course i can't find it now, but as with any custom order with Gibson up through the 60s, you could just give them a call, tell them what you wanted and they'd do it. do you have the serial on it? I wonder if someone has the pages of the shipping ledgers and could check whether it's noted.
  10. the next thread down in this forum was a great masterclass in all things kluson three-on-a-plate. if the holes have been drilled out and widened, there are bushings from stewmac that can cover the span without having to fill in and redrill. https://forum.gibson.com/topic/161301-advice-for-tuners-for-1934-l-00/
  11. man I LOVE that, the teaburst looks great. he recorded nebraska with a 50s j200 so probably heard the story of this oddball one with an L5 neck from the same era and picked it up. details are probably lost to history but i'd wager if it was done for him it was a custom shop type project before there was a custom shop. I feel like that color burst (and those metal keystones) first show up in the 70s? If it was a natural fade from the 50s/60s the sides and back would still be cherry, right? super cool, definitely something worth the digging! I've listened to a lot of springsteen interviews lately and while he's still sharper than a lot of icons of his ilk and vintage, he doesn't remember all the stories about everything in his house of a thousand guitars.
  12. As others have said this definitely looks legit, and I'd say for $500 it's a pretty good deal. the 70s gibson acoustics aren't really sought after because they had additional bracing making them heavier while at the same time muffling the open sound most guitarists are looking for in an acoustic. You'd find better players in that era for about the same money in Alvarez or even those martin copies, some of which sound amazing. But it's got Gibson on the headstock so who knows, maybe people will come around to them in which case you'll tell the story of getting it when things were cheap. as someone in the market for an 80s strat I consider vintage, you really just do never know!
  13. I've got the golden age tuners from stewmac on my L48 and they look the part and are better than the modern tuners on my new guitars. Mine were relic nickel with white buttons that i had to put a little shoe polish on to age them a bit- looks like they've got enough calls that they now offer a cream color button.
  14. Hey Creek definitely sounds like you had an Emperor, the acoustic archtop that you posted above, and maybe someone put a p90 in the neck. Epiphone did make an electric version with white knobs, but always had three of the NY pickups in them. It's possible you had a zephyr with a bikini logo or maybe a diff neck on it? sounds pretty close to what you're talking about less the tree of life headstock
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