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  1. Folkway all the way. Mark is the single most knowledgeable vintage luthier i've ever seen.
  2. Bumping this thread to see if anyone would like my copy of Kalamazoo Gals. It was a great read and John did a really wonderful job telling the story- would love to drop it in the mail and pass it along to someone stateside that may be interested in it. DM me if that may be you!
  3. Grandma had excellent taste- those '46 transitional ones are every bit as good as the banner ones from wwii, best Gibson ever made!
  4. Looks like a 90's Korean 2nd- probably because the neck didn't match the body well enough. It wouldn't be faded underneath poly, and the MIC casinos are very dark black and very bumblebee yellow. the pickguard E is facing the wrong way so has fallen off and been reglued or was put on wrong. Probably something that was a cast off that founds its way into your hands. seemed to happen back in the late 90s- ive had a couple stamped USED on the back of the headstock. not so much a thing anymore.
  5. Wildwood guitars, a very esteemed Gibson dealer (they are in Bozeman near the Gibson factory, they get all the good stuff!) has one right at your price point As others have said, the guitar he has now is a particular shape, so he will probably like the feel of the Gibson version. the sound will blow him away, don't worry about that. If he complained about not being able to play it while sitting down, or that it was too big or something like that, i'd recommend taking him shopping to a good local shop, but otherwise i think you're on the right track to being the best part of someone's 2020 🙂
  6. These models in particular, being student model acoustic archtops, seemed to have the least QC, and are a little all over the place. my guess is it's an unbound L50 neck with the rest being L48 attributes. I have a '46 L48, carved spruce top, round back, just like that '46 on reverb. Seems to have a burst more consistent with banner-era than '47-on. tuners replaced, p90 added. Ask me anything!
  7. I feel like when this era of guitars becomes old enough to be considered vintage, you'll have wanted to get one from wildwood. they just get the best of everything!
  8. If birmingham is more your speed, john at true vintage guitar, one of the best (imo) sellers of vintage gibsons, sends all his stuff to jr burns a quick looks at his work proves him capable of some amazing s**t
  9. Would love it! Any reissue of the 335 styles would be great. Barry Tashian played one through his time in The Remains and beyond!
  10. Since it was last seen in chicago, i'd also drop a line to chicago music exchange, who sort of run Reverb, but also will pick up the phone when you call. It would also be worthwile to maybe get in touch with retrofret in nyc, tr crandall, and norms rare guitars- all the guys that either have tons of inventory or specialize in archtops. I think with the mismatched neck and body, someone will remember it. im feeling good about this! Lets go find it!
  11. I've replied to sellers by email, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they just dont know what they've got. maybe it was dad's old guitar and he cherished it every day, and they didn't bother to look it up, but they believe it's valuable. This seller seems to be trying to play it off that this is just a good playing guitar, and admits that it's not something collectible. a simple email with the info posted here, along with some price recommendations, is enough. the only way to respond publicly would be to post your own "re: " listing, which is the best way to get a lot of keyboard warriors blasting you to mind your business, free market, etc. We've all learned a lot through these forums and other resources, and its helpful to share that knowledge in a positive way. after all, the guy's trying to sell it, right? go forth and do good things!
  12. Back when he'd post here, i pm'd john shultz of true vintage about a banner j45 with a bunch of mods. He replied with some words of wisdom, basically saying "it might have been a banner at one point, but those days are gone". This has had enough done to it that it's not going to look or sound much like a 40's gibson, so its kind of worth whatever someone's willing to pay for it and that's about it. As for craigslist, chances are slimmer than ever before, but the stories i have from cl scores are the same as he crazy stories people have from the pre-internet era. I bought my 60s j45 in cash in a laundromat (under $1000) and met a guy in pissing rain as he carried an archtop, no case, by the neck for me to buy for $200. I gave him $220 to make him feel like he was getting away with something, but i knew i'd won, scoring a '46 gibson archtop for a couple hundred bucks.
  13. Turns out this guy's got em all... the union jack, the wine red, and boneheads burst, or at least has/had access to them https://twitter.com/GH_Guitars
  14. Reverb is also a good resource https://reverb.com/p/epiphone-coronet-electric-guitar These are definitely some of the more sought after epiphone electrics from that era- they weren't a copy of a gibson model, and were as good as any gibson, and are somewhat rare. you should do well!
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