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  1. I don't really think theres much in it between the Korean and the Chinese Sherry's, I have a 2013 "50th Anniversary 1962 Ltd Ed" which is chinese and plays beautifully, a 2002 Korean Sheraton II that has been retro fitted with a Bigsby B-7 and Epiphone Elitist pickups and a 2016 Riviera Custom P-93 which is also chinese. My number one would be the 2002 Korean mainly because of the thicker neck and pickups, Although if you want variation you'd be hard pushed to beat the Rivera P-93, (I think of it as 3 guitars in one,


    Guitar 1 = Either neck or bridge P-90 (middle pickups off) Classic sound of the 60's


    Guitar 2 = Either neck or bridge with a little of the middle pickup dialed in (Almost humbucker like 335,345,355 lucille tones available)


    Guitar 3 = Middle pickup on its own (very similar to the tone of a Gibson ES 225T (I love this setting for slide guitar)


    All 3 were bought from Cash Converters here in the UK & the most expensive one of these was £400, there are some real bargains if you look around.


    My collection


  2. Okay so as some of you know I've picked a couple of nice sheratons recently pretty cheap, well earlier in the week I was told of a virtually mint Epi Riviera Custom P-93 being sold by Cash Converters for £275 so I had a look on their website and it did look pretty spotless, so I clicked BIN, thats when CC's computers decided to go offline. I knew it was in my basket so theres shouldn't been a problem so I waited till store opening and phoned them. I was then told they can't take orders over the phone and tried to sort out the ordering from both sides of the internet. Anyway in the long run there was nothing we could do (i could add & remove items but it wouldn't let me pay for them) In the end I asked the guy if he could hold for till friday and he agreed, so I made the round to check it out.


    while we were discussing the guitar I noticed the jack socket was loose, I pointed it out and asked if he had a wrench, he produced a wrench and tried to tighten it (because I hadn't yet paid a member of staff had to do the adjustment) problem was he turned the wrong way and guess what it dropped into the guitar body. I feigned regret and the guy asked how much it would cost to get it fixed, I pointed out that because of working through the F-holes techs charge more for work on semi's, by now it was lunch time he asked if still waited the guitar with a discount to get it fixed (i was gonna get the guitar anyway) I said yes and he asked me give him 30 mins to make some phone calls and he'd sort something for me. when I got back in the store he told me phoned a couple of techs and based on their quotes (they all said it would a full setup as well) and all the hassle over trying to order it over the internet earlier, I could have it for £150. so of course I snapped their hands off. just as I was leaving one of the other asisstants shouted me, it turned there was a had case included in the sale (it's a thomann one) so end result guitar and hard case = £150




    Since I had to fish around with the electrics I decided to replace the wiring and pots (it's what I would of ended up doing anyway) so 2 hours work later and a lot of swearing (I hate working through f-holes) the guitar is finished (still need "Duane Eddy" trem arm and might swap toggle switch for cream one).


    First impressions that any serious player might take away could include: Those gold-plated Wilkinson machineheads and Bigsby B-700 tailpiece offer a touch of refinement (though I will be swapping the arm for a Duane Eddy one) - good to see in a mid-priced instrument". It's lighter than I expected and certainly lighter tahn my 2 sheraton's I've tried recently especially the natural one , the 1960s SlimTaper neck profile is a real joy to play P-90's Well, there's a bona-fide tone guarantor of vintage snap, spank and attitude"; and "Oh, yes, you can see there are decades of breeding, with pedigree Epiphone appointments such as the sloped dovewing headstock."


    It has a great spine, with a mahogany neck glued to a laminated maple body, and a rock-solid LockTone Tune-o-matic bridge holding everything in place.


    It has a great playable feel, with its classically Gibson/Epiphone scale length and lithe neck accommodating to a fault.


    Some people have been critical of the 3 vol, 1 tone set up, however this is the same as one of my all time favorite guitars the Gibson ES-5. To my mind it's actually 3 guitars in one, follow my logic for a minute and you'll see what I mean.


    Guitar 1 = a Twin P-90 equipped ES-335

    Guitar 2 = by blending the middle pickup in the with either of the other two you can get close to a twin humbucker ES-335

    Guitar 3 = by just using the middle pickup on its own you basically have a Gibson ES-225 (these had just a sngle p-90 in the middle (this sounds fantastic for slide work)


    Its voice is perfect - why more guitar aren't fitted with P-90's I'll never know. The neck unit has a round, bell-like voice that’s not at all wooly—even with the tone rolled back significantly. It also exhibits the same capacity for harmonic detail that the bridge humbucker displays in spades, and feels alive and of a piece with the semi-hollow construction at lounge-jazz volumes—delivering silky-but-spectral, Wes Montgomery-style octave tones and mournful, mellow blues colours and yet let rip and it's certainly capable of of hard rock and southern rock & strong-armed blues without breaking a sweat.


    Here she is with her Epi sisters


  3. I've seen them..............maybe Area 59? or maybe Crazy Parts?




    don't know your still after this but this where I got mine.



    or he'll do you one with you own wording.



    here's mine on my modded Epi Sheraton


  4. I love my valve juniors. I have 2, both V3 heads and cabs. one of the heads has The "Rat Amps" Hot Rod Specials mods applied to it.



    Hot Rod Special Mods are =


    New Output Transformer

    Boost Switchable

    Triode / Pentode Switchable

    Rear Mounted Line Out

    Rear Mounted Speaker Output Attenuator


    I sometimes stack these using the Hot Rod as pre-amp into standard then feed to both speakers.

  5. I know this is an old thtread but as tmj529 put it's been interesting to see people take on the best way to go about this. With that in mind may I present my 2002 Sheraton II




    As sson as I got her I knew that she was a keeper and so the fun began.


    - Replaced stock nut with GraphTech aged nut

    - Replaced stock PUs with Epiphone elitist TR-50 & SR-50

    - Fitted Bigsby B-7

    - Replaced standard bigsby arm with "Duane Eddy" tremelo arm

    - Removed Tailpiece and covered holes with "Custom Made" Plaque

    - Replaced complete wiring with 50's wiring upgrade

    - Replaced Pots with 500K CTS ones

    - Knobs replaced with gold reflectors

    - Replaced caps with Spraque Hyrel .022 PIO caps

    - Switchcraft toggle switch and input jack

  6. Well, here's to 114! A beauty!



    Im lucky to find any gear thats actually worth more than £60 in my local cash converters, unfortunately its on the same street as the only two guitar shops in town.



    Fullmoon, it's folks like you who make me feel almost normal with only 31 instruments.


    Thank you - and a nice find on the Sheraton!


    Thanks guys but the story isn't done. went into the same store today (the store called and said they had something I might like) So I go in and theyve got a 35mm Olympus OM-1 complete camera kit (both my son & collect guitars and vintage cameras) so I get it for him as a early easter gift. I go up to pay for it and theres a grey Epiphone hard case behind the counter, the manager askes if I'm interested and opens the case.


    Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Sheraton. Number 95 of 1962



    Though not as cheap as the other it is in mint condition apart from a missing reflector. So a gift for my sons and a gift to myself (115 and counting)

  7. Where is this pawn shop?

    I need to go before they realise what things are worth!



    Yeah I've picked some great deals from there over the years including.


    1983 Squier JV Series 62 Precision Bass = £100

    Fender Standard Precision Bass = £99 (They thought both of these were squiers)

    Ovation Tangent T257 = £40 (heel seperating from neck - My tech repaired it for free as part of the set up)


    And then theres these 2 beauties.


    2012 Gibson 50's Tribute SG. I paid £250 for it



    and one of my most treasured guitars


    1983 Gibson Spirit 1.



    I went into the store and this was hanging on the wall, the manager asked me if I was interested as he thought it was a fake. I asked how much and he told and I almost snapped his hand off. I paid £149.99 for this beauty and the best bit it came with its all original complete with case and paperwork. I have since confirmed with the 2 people listed in the paperwork that I'm only the 3rd owner in the 30 years between it being made and now.


    Spirit 1 in Case





  8. I decided at new year that I was really gonna try to control my buying this year(I already had 113 guitars)- I made it 6 weeks :rolleyes:. While I was out on valentines day having lunch with the wife we popped into the local pawn shop where they had this beauty for £180. She's a Korean 2002 from the Samick Factory with only a very slight ding near the front pickup, the previous owner had however made a few improvements.



    Previuos owners mods =

    Graph Tech aged nut

    Stop tail removed and replaced with Bigsby B-7 Tremelo

    Pots & wiring upgraded

    Pickups swapped for a set of Epiphone "USA Elitist SR-50 & TR-50"


    She plays like a dream and sounds fantastic.


    Mods I still want to do =

    Cream toggle switch tip

    Roller Tune o Matic

    Reflector knobs

    One of those "Custom Made " plaques that gibson used when retro fitting a bigsby.

  9. What kind of amps are you running these through? Do you gig a lot, play a lot? Which ones are your favorites?


    I'm almost as big an addict for amps as guitars (current collection 23 amp and assorted cabs)


    I'm in a band that gig every week with different setlists, so I get to use most of my gear on a regular basis.


    my favorites st the moment are =

    Home use


    Epiphone Electar “1939” Century” Reissue

    Juketone “Royal Blood” Amp Head

    Juketone 1x12 Cabinet


    Gig use

    *Epiphone Valve Junior Head (Hot Rod Special Mods) as pre-amp

    *Epiphone Valve Junior Head

    *Epiphone Valve Junior 1x12 Cabinet x 2

    * = wired together as one unit


    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III “Western Noir”

    Marshall 2199 JMP Master Lead Combo

    Vox AC-30 VR


    Full Rock out gigs


    Laney TF700 Head

    Laney TFX 412 Cabinet




    Marshall G100R CD with

    Marshall VS412 Cabinet topped with

    Marshall 1965B Straight Front Cab (4x10 inch speakers)


    Full collection here



  10. My Name is John (some of you may know me from MLP) & I'm a compulsive guitar addict and stupidly thought joining this would help me not to buy anymore guitars, [rolleyes] Boy was I wrong.

    I have Been Playing for 30 years both semi pro and just for fun but have never been what you'd call a great lead guitarist but i can get by. I like a groove. I also enjoy anyone that knows chords and uses them well.

    my current collection stands at 112 including.


    Back Row = 2012 50's Tribute SG

    Left to Right

    1982 Spirit 1 (all original with Tim Shaw 59 Humbucker)

    2014 Les Paul Traditional

    2012 Les Paul Classic Custom

    2012 Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute HB



    2008 Explorer 76 Reissue



    2017 Firebird T



    Lastly, like so many others here, the guitar is such a great friend to me. It has always been there. Remember..the tone is in your fingers.


    Nice forum

  11. is there a similar crack on the other side of the neck joint?


    What is interesting here tho, is the place where a crack would be the most suspicious to being a problem would be if it was on the bottom of the joint. Where that still (from the photo) looks solid, it's very likely this would be just cosmetic. I kind of agree with your luthier. something to keep an eye on I guess, but it's probably nothing to sweat.


    Regarding the nut, They're NEVER cut right it seems.. easily rectified with a setup. Does it help if you use any kind of lubricant in the not slots (like Big Bends Nut Sauce?)?



    Thanks for the reply,


    No thats the only sign of a crack, nothing along the bottom or the other side [biggrin]


    I know most makers skrimp on the nut material but this one is really really cheap plastic even lubing it doesn't help. cant really open the slots up either as theres virtually no play above the first fret. I also think that the bridge has been swapped, when it arrived the intonation was all over the place and the bridge saddles look cheap (not a big problem as its going for a full setup in the new year, Graphtech saddle savers and nut)


    Normally I wouldn't overly stress but with it being a gift I just like to make sure. I have a fairly large collection of guitars (112 and counting) and have never seen a stress fracture just on one side like this so was just checking.


    Thanks again


    If your interested in seeing my modest collection click on the link below



  12. Hi guys, First time poter but long time lurker now I need some advice. My missus picked me up a 2008 classic white explorer for xmas from a stores close out sale, unfortunatly while I was cleaning it yesterday I spotted a lacquer crack at the neck join, it only goes about 2/3rd's down one side and seems stable, I sent a picture of over to my tech and says it should fine just want some extra opinions.



    The thing that does have me confused it that in looks like the store replaced the nut as well, when tuning the Low E doesn't want to stay in tune - I know the nut is a c**p plastic one that the slots are poorly cut and am hoping its just binding in the nut, the other strings seem fine but the crack has me worried. Any advice would be fantastic


    Current Gibsons


    1982 Spirit 1 (Tim Shaw humbucker)

    2008 Explorer

    2012 Les Paul Clasic Custom

    2012 SG 50s Tribute

    2014 Les Paul Traditional

    2017 Firebird T

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