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  1. I cant believe this. I paid a lot of money for this software, this is not good enough. There must be someone with the ability to enable activation to previous purchasers? If not I vow to never to use or purchase any Gibson or related associated companies products or services.
  2. Thank you for your assistance. I do not believe I have ever activated Deckadance, I purchased it when it was owned by Image-Line. It is registered however and always worked up until I installed on the new PC. I just noticed the Registration Steps in the Registration Tab in Preferences to Activate the product. I'm up to step 2 to open Activation website to upload my activation file request, but I cant log in? It recognised my username but not accepting password. I selected the forgot password option to reset and it said it would email the password reset, but I am not receiving the reset email? I have also tried to Create New Account, but when I select this option it says New Cakewalk account creation is currently disabled"? How am I supposed to activate? PS in regard to your second post re ASIO drivers, I have installed the and the issue persits is still the same.
  3. I have a registered version of Deckadance2. I have recently installed Deckadance2 272 onto my new pc with fresh Windows 10 install. Deckadance2 worked fine after the install for a few times. Then suddenly next time I open, everything works except there is no audio? The decks still play and all functions appear to be working, except there is no sound and the two volume bars beside the Master Volume button do not show any lights either? Audio and sound still plays with all other software however? I unistalled and reinstalled Deckance but the issue still remained with no sound but everything else woking ok. After that I did a fresh install of Windows 10 then after installing Deckance2 it works again with audio and sound for another week or two, then I lose the sound again? After checking Stanton Deckadance Forums I noticed new version 273 available so I downloaded and installed the new version. Everything started working again including sound (I was so happy), however after closing and reopening I have lost sound again (so back to sqaure one)? Please help, I greatly appreciate any assistance. Steve
  4. Hi Christopher. Headphones are NOT bluetooth, they are connected via cable to the rear audio output.
  5. Hi Luis, I have attached my audio set up as requested.
  6. When I play any tracks through any decks, the monitor headphones are out of sync with the master audio which makes it very hard to try to mix? Its hard to tell but the headphones seem almost half a beat in front of the master, or it could be the other way around. I have previously had the audio set up working previously with Deckadance, so I'm not sure why this is happening? I am using my on board VIA HD Audio set up for master output through front speakers and monitor headphone audio through rear speakers, which used to work fine previously, but now I can seem to work out why the audio is out of sync. Can anyone please help?
  7. Hi. I purchased Deckadance from Imageline years ago and my serial number is below (this is the number shown in registration in deckadance): XXXXXXXXXXXXXX I followed the guide on Imageline and I am registered with Cakewalk but no products are showing up when I log into Cakewalk? How do I transfer my Deckadance purchase and registration from Imageline to Cakewalk or Stanton to receive future updates? Thanks for any assistance.
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