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  1. Hi, New J45 owner here. (When it arrives of course)..
  2. Thanks again and good find. I like it the way it is so far (it's early days) and will keep it thus, unless I get a hankering to tinker....(a well documented fault of mine)
  3. Many thanks. I have investigated the differences, including the schematics and the full spec of the guitar (It doesn't actually state the wiring type that I can find). From the volume/tone interaction though, it appears it is not the '50's wiring however. Whatever it is, I love it!
  4. I have a '63 ES335 and don't have an inkling of the wiring....I might try and get a mirror in the f hole to find out...
  5. I believe it also depends on the pickup/amp combination? My Deluxe is quite dark because I voiced it that way, so I get more of a "growl" and less shrillness out of my pickups when pushing the amp into breakup. I also have a low power 12AY7 tube in the first stage (as it should be, although a lot get swapped out for 12AX7's), which also gives me more tone and less harsh distortion IMHO. My 5F1 tweed champ reacts completely differently, as the 12AX7 has more gain and the amp is a lot more brash and in your face...Still nice, but a different animal altogether. I have Classic '57's in my LP, which are more powerful, but sound great in that guitar; I had an SG Special with 490's in and didn't like them at all, they were just dull and lifeless. I changed them for a pair of Bare Knuckle "Crawlers" which were amazingly good. Another guitar that I should never have sold (sighs).... A lot of this discussion is down to personal preference, so this is just my opinion of course.
  6. I have the Memphis ES335 '63 fitted with MHS pickups. I find they are suited unbelievably well to the guitar. They are articulate, clear and voiced wonderfully. I have '57's in my LP, but I wouldn't want those in the ES to be honest.
  7. Rogan Josh tandoori chicken and a spiced vegetable paratha.....
  8. Let it be....All on ES335, arpeggiating, (is that a word?) the chords.
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