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  1. That is exactly how my tech checked and sorted it.
  2. If mine had been that bad, I would have done the same. Fortunately a little tweaking sorted it, although I do agree that it should have been picked up at the factory.
  3. What they don't know, won't hurt them? Besides, I would assume every one gets their guitars set-up to their own liking?
  4. I doubt I would have picked up on it by sighting it, as it was such a tiny amount out. My eyes are pretty well knackered as well. With my varifocal glasses on, nothing looks straight!
  5. That was the case with mine and it wasn't noticeable until I dropped the action. I am happy how it is now.
  6. So it seems. It was probably like it from the off and I only noticed it when I tried to drop the action.
  7. Hi Lars. Its like this: My guitar was with me in the Luthiers' workshop, he said he could sort it easily. I didn't want to send it anywhere or muck about waiting for it. I trust him to do excellent work, so I will get the setup I want. As I said, it wasn't expensive and I had it back the next day...Job done...
  8. Maybe it was buggered out of the factory....Hard to tell. I am just glad it's sorted and for very little outlay.
  9. Yes very relieved! I was attributing the choking on not being used to '10's and poor technique on my part.....
  10. I have had my ES335 for a few months and decided I need the action dropping a bit. I tried to do it myself but struggled to get it right without strings choking. I took it to my tech and he told be he thought the neck has a slight twist. Turns out he was right.... He sorted it out by a little fret re-profiling and now the action is spot on and no choking when bending strings. He seem to think the twist was due to the guitar being on a wall hanger for an extended duration. I did get it discounted as it was the previous years model, so I am led to believe it had been in the shop for some time. Anyone else experienced anything like this?
  11. Was that in Brum? I wondered what the fuss was about. Me and my boy were there, he was trying out a Roland kit. I was rather struck by the lack of Gibbos as well.
  12. Portishead- Dummy. I find it infectious and I don't know why.....
  13. I will second that. NOS JAN Philips are just amazing.
  14. Get any NOS US or UK made tubes you can find. There are only 3 tube factories in the world, Russia, Slovakia and China. The brand name and price determines the quality of the tube. Older tubes, especially the Mil grade ones are likely to be better quality and should last well too.
  15. I was in New York in February and was struck by how few people were smoking. In the UK, almost very bar/pub will have people standing outside smoking. There did seem to be a lot of weed about though as walking around the smell of it was quite noticeable.
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