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  1. Very enjoyable cover Roger, thanks for sharing it! I believe that JD had some songs that could fall into that cheesey, sappy or whatever you might want to call it category, but there were other songs that for me personally were very pleasing and well written. Not everyone liked his voice, but I was always amazed at the power, the vibrato, the sweet soft high notes and sustain he had. The early album "Windsong" had some nice tracks on it, and one of my favorites is "Song of Wyoming" which to me is a great depiction of a true "Cowboy" and he does such a nice rendition of it. I always thought this one would be a good one to attempt... Give it a listen!
  2. Hello to all, I was looking through some videos of Tommy Emmanuel and had not seen this one before, it's so nice! I am uncertain which model he's playing, but it appears to be a J45 ? He plays so well and it really is an excellent way to hear this guitar put through it's paces a bit. I enjoyed it immensely :)
  3. Hello, I spend most of my time looking at the Acoustic Forum and mainly play acoustic guitar, but I also have a 2014 Epiphone 1960 Tribute Plus that I purchased in 2014. I am no expert, but I love this thing! I'm sure you already read the specs, and these were pretty well loaded with good stuff, pots, switches, GREAT pickups and an ever so lovely finish. Mahogany body with Carved maple cap and flame top.. I had to have the Vintage Sunburst, a thing of beauty to me :) Too bad you can't do an A/B comparison with them somewhere... I would imagine you won't go wrong either way! Here is mine on NGD...
  4. Thank you for the comments, you have a neat perspective, and that was a cool video clip too! I'm afraid I get too much lip on the mouthpiece sometimes as well, ha! But I do find it all fun and enjoyable for sure. My SJ has one of the infamous "Skinny Necks", but I don't mind it at all, it's fun to play and sounds pretty good I think.
  5. It's been a rainy Fathers Day and since it was just me and the dogs hanging around, I decided to try another stab at recording something with the Focusrite hardware playing my 1967 Southern Jumbo. So it wasn't the greatest execution, but fun anyway :) Happy Fathers Day to everyone!
  6. Hey Boyd! So here is how it turned out.. I powered up the iPad and looked around inside and found that it's a 2013 model with iOS 10.3.3 and it has to have iOS11 to run garageband. My iPad will only update to 10.3.3 so I'm out of luck it seems... So anyway, back to the Focusrite! :)
  7. Thank you Boyd, I'll have to look into this...
  8. Hi Lars, thank you for all the great advice and your experiences, what you say makes a lot of sense. I'm feeling like the kid waiting for Christmas, I just got the Focusrite and did the one minute experiment but then had to go back to work and don't have time at the end of my 12 hour shift to do anything, but the weekend is here for me now and I hope to spend more time with it again. If I do get something done I'll put it on here. I have an old Boss BR8-64 that actually has good audio quality, but I never figured out the file transfer business very well and so I only did a few tracks with it using some other NON-Gibson guitars :) I'm going to have to look at my iPad and see if it offers anything (I am not an Apple guy)... yet! Keith
  9. Thanks Boyd! I'm going to have to go back to school or something! That F8 sounds like a good thing, hope to get a chance to see your finished video!
  10. Reaper software, that's another new one for me! I have so much to learn!!!
  11. Hmmm, that'll probably be my weak link! I've never become fluent with Apple products, although I did get an Ipad Gen4 for a service award at work, but I rarely even turn it on since I am more of a Windows user, I'll have to power it up and see if it has Garage band in there somewhere! Thanks for the reply
  12. Thanks billroy, I appreciate your input! I've heard mention of garage band, but I've never seen or heard what is involved in using it. I agree with what you said about a learning curve, I'm a babe in the woods when it comes to this whole thing! Since I've already spent the money on the Focusrite I will be compelled to use it, but I'll research Garage Band anyway! I have a music room and a fast PC and so it's not a problem to have the Focusrite plugged and ready, and no doubt it's probably more capability than I will need, but who knows, it might help me become more creative... The main thing is to have some fun whilst learning and I'm looking forward to it! Thanks again for the note, -Keith
  13. Thanks Lars, I am hoping a better mic will yield better sound... I will definitely look into SoundCloud!
  14. Hey thanks! Glad the link works... I will need to look into your suggestion for Soundcloud, if it's easier than YouTube then I'd probably like that!
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